Article Writing – Writing Attention Grabbing Titles and Subtitles For Your Articles

If you are new to article writing, you may want to focus on article content only. That’s a great start because you should write quality articles. But content should not be your sole focus. Titles are crucial in attracting readers to your article. No matter how great your content is, without an appealing title, readers won’t come.

Diane Eble gives great ideas for writing titles in her teleseminar on “How to Choose a Best Selling Title.” Although she is a publishing coach, most of what she says can be applied to article titles as well. Following these tips should help you write great article titles.

  • Avoid clever titles. Some readers may not be as mentally sharp as you. Since your article is to meet their needs, create a title that will pique their interest or promise to solve their problem.
  • Create a desire to read your article. Choose words for your title that communicate the essence and benefits of your article. Know the keywords that appeal to readers in your niche. Use them in your title.
  • Make sure your subtitle has a benefit. How will your readers be changed by the information you have given them? Tell them in your title. If the benefit you are offering is what your readers are searching for, they will read your articles. Remember that benefits are not negotiable when creating titles.
  • Deliver what you promise. Since your title describes the content and benefits of your article, don’t deceive your readers. Give them what you promise. If they like it, they will come back for more.
  • Title and subtitle must work together. Your title is your noun and your subtitle is your verb. Let them agree. In agreeing, they are uniting the head and heart of your readers. Your title must appeal to your readers’ intellect and your subtitle to their emotions. Strive to capture the head and heart of your readers.
  • Add a touch of freshness. Tweak your title in just the right way to give it a different slant. Use the familiar in an unfamiliar way.
  • Have a title that is search engine friendly. Use keywords in your title. Search engines like keywords. Give them what they like.

Writing great articles start with writing great titles. Use these tips to increase the amount of traffic to your articles.

Writing templates are also a great way to practice writing great titles.

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