How to Enhance Your Enjoyment With HDI Dune Media Player

There are many media players (here I would concentrate on high definition movies) in the market, more than you can think of, the competition in this niche market is so high that any new model will only has a very short shelf life if its performance cannot meet the standard.

Among these I found HDI Dune media players have outperformed others in the picture quality, reliability, compatibility, functionality, adjustability… Their product line keeps growing, they have various models of Smart, Max, Prime, Base, Center, Mini & Ultra. I don’t mean it is perfect and in fact it still has a lot of small bugs, and their firmware upgrade is very slow. However, users are invited to vote for new features so that their engineers can set priority. I’ve been keen on voting for features I like to have (eg. move up subtitle so that it can be displayed within a 2.35:1 anamorphic screen) and it did happen.

In order to have Dune perform smoothly there are some basic prerequisites that have to be in place. Below are the summary of what I think which can enhance our enjoyment of a movie in our home theatre using Dune series of media players:-
–file format
–subtitle font
–subtitle format
–movie wall
–cover format

1. File format
(any legality regarding the bit torrent is ignored here, reader should always make your own ripped copy from your purchased copy)
–We should always avoid using mkv, mp4 format as they are compressed and a lot of details are lost, ts file is the most common & simple HD format, it always removed all the special features, bonus, unnecessary audio/angle data. Disadvantage is it doesn’t have chapter so if you want to jump to a particular scene you need to use fast-forward and by trial & error.
–BDMV format is Blu-ray format, it retains the original structure of the bluray disc therefore we can have chapter feature.
— iso file is the image file of the disc, similar to BDMV, a lot of media players in the market are having difficulty in handling iso file but Dune doesn’t.

2. Subtitle font
Dune likes UTF-8 font, so it is the best to use this font all along. Dune can recognize other fonts too, but it is my experience that standardize the font will eliminate the hassle of jumping back & forth in the setup menu trying to find out what type of font to use and its auto font detection is not always working.

I use ConvertZ to convert all the subtitle font to UTF-8, you can download it from here:-

3. Subtitle format
Dune can only allow one subtitle format although it supports multi languages, therefore we need to put each language in different subtitle format in order to have multi language subtitle.

For example, we will put all the English subtitle format, all the French subtitle in.ass or.ssa format

Also your subtitle file must use the same file name as the movie itself.
For example:-
The movie Talk To Her, the movie filename is

then your English subtitle will be:-

your French subtitle will be:-

To convert the subtitle to different format I use Subtitle Workshop, you can download from here:-

I recommend to use the same arrangement consistently in order to avoid confusion. What I mean is is for English subtitle then in every movie I will for English.

4. Movie Wall
This is not a necessity, the Dune can always list out what movies in the harddisk in alphabetic order. But with it displays a series of movie bluray cover will surely enhance audiences’ impression.

There are plenty of plugin over the net which can do the same but I found most of which involve a lot of settings in computer & the players have to connect to the net all the time. My method is simplest and doesn’t need any network (I know I know, there is no auto retrieval of movie artwork nor information from the net, it is a trade-off)

In order to have the movie wall when you access your library in harddisk, you have to put two files into the harddisk. One in the root directory and one in the movie folder.
I configured these two files so that the movie wall just fits into a 16:9 screen, if you want you can change how many cover you want to show in a row but you have to recalculate the size of the cover so that it can fit the screen.

Both files are called dune_folder.txt, please use any text editor to type the follow simple lines and save it as dune_folder.txt.
and put it in root directory

then make another dune_folder.txt by using any text editor with the follow simple lines:-
icon_path = cover.jpg
icon_valign = bottom
icon_dx = 0
icon_dy = 0
use_icon_view = yes
caption_font_size = small
and put it in every movie folder

5. Movie Cover Artwork format
You can get the cover from Amazon, or scan it yourself. You must save it as cover.jpg

In order to fit into the movie wall, the size of each jpg should be 346×446
If you cannot get exactly this size, at least you stick to yyy x 446

I hope the above can enhance your movie enjoyment with the Dune media player. If you encounter any problem please feel free writing to me and I will try my best to find solution for you.

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