DVD Shrink and Handbrake – Each Has Their Place in Copying DVDs

In this article, we will take a look at the differences between two applications used for copying DVDs called DVD Shrink and Handbrake. Each is great for certain tasks and we will take a look at which application you should use depending on the situation.

DVD shrink excels at shrinking a disc down to a size that allows it to fit on a standard DVD that you will be copying to. Unless you will be recording to a dual layer disc, you will need software that successfully resizes the contents of a disc from dual size to single layer size.

As you may have read, DVD Shrink is the best software if you are going to copy from one DVD to another. However, it is not all that you need. This program will create an .ISO file that you can then burn to a DVD. For this, we recommend Image Burner. All of these are free tools that permit you to copy without having to pay for extra software to do so.

So, where does Handbrake fit into all of this? Well, Handbrake too can take a DVD and resize it but its best functionality works when you want to copy the disc to hard drive.


Well, Handbrake offers many different choices to convert the original information into a watchable format on your computer. Like with DVD Shrink, you can select the components of a movie that you want added to the file or you can leave the whole thing in check.

Myself, I accept the defaults with Handbrake with only one addition. I like to have the subtitles burned onto to the disk because often I am renting Spanish DVDs and using these to learn Spanish…but I need to see the subtitles to understand everything.

Thus, both of these programs are similar but different products.

Use DVD Shrink to create an .ISO file of the appropriate size that you will burn to another disc. Use Handbrake when you want to take a DVD and turn it into a file that you will have on your hard drive.

Both of these tools are excellent at what they do and, better than that, they are free so enjoy them!

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