Ten Classic Films With Older Women Seducing Young Men

The idea of being seduced by an older woman is a fantasy that most guys have harbored at some early point in their lives. Most of them never get to experience the situation, so several classic films have been made to help them visualize the experience.

Here are ten movies where the central plot features a romance between an older woman and younger man. Only a few of the films enjoyed any critical acclaim, but all helped stir young men’s fantasies about an older woman.

“Anatomy of a Seduction” from 1979: Susan Flannery is a divorced woman who begins a sexual affair with her son’s best friend, who lives right next door. The climax comes when the romance is discovered by the boy’s mother, played by Rita Moreno.

“Private Lessons” from 1981: The late Sylvia Krystal’s character is paid to seduce a millionaire’s son, who then is tricked into believing he killed her in the middle of their lovemaking. The plot was pretty hard to believe, but even harder to buy into was seeing Howard Hesseman as the bad guy instead of as Dr. Johnny Fever of WKRP.

“Coach” from 1978: The attractive Cathy Lee Crosby is brought in to coach a high school boys basketball team, which she eventually leads to a championship while bedding one of her star players.

“All-American Girl: The Mary Kay Letourneau Story” from 2000: The title character was the married mother of four who started an affair with one of her junior high students, by whom she conceived a child. Penelope Ann Miller stars as the convicted sex offender in this real-life depiction that is even juicier because the seductress is a teacher.

“Flesh and Blood” from 1979: Suzanne Pleshette plays the seductress in this film, which is more disturbing than the others of that era. You see, the boy she seduces happens to be her college-age son.

“Oedipus the King” from 1968: Christopher Plummer portrays Sophocles’ Greek tragic hero who unknowingly weds his mother and produces children with her. Lilli Palmer plays the older yet sexy Jocasta, and Donald Sutherland appears as the head of the chorus that narrates the tale.

“My Stepson, My Lover” from 1997: Rachel Ward plays a doctor who, after marrying one of her wealthy patients, begins a sexual relationship with the man’s son. The film is highlighted by a steamy love scene on the steps of a bungalow overlooking the lake.

“Moment by Moment” from 1978: Two stars mostly associated with comedy, John Travolta and Lily Tomlin, are thrust into this serious romantic drama. The title song by Yvonne Elliman endures as a bigger hit than the film.

“The Graduate” from 1967: This Oscar-nominated classic set the bar for all older woman seduction films, as young Benjamin (Dustin Hoffman) fends off then welcomes the sexual advances of neighbor Mrs. Robinson (Ann Bancroft). The comedy takes a turn when Benjamin then becomes romantic with her daughter.

“Notes on a Scandal” from 2006: Cate Blanchett plays a teacher who seduces one of her male students on several occasions, only to be discovered by a fellow teacher (Judi Dench) who herself is infatuated with Blanchett’s character. Both Dench and Blanchett received nominations for Academy Awards for the film.

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