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Would you like to Learn Tagalog?

Tagalog is the most widely spoken native language in the Philippines. Whilst English is widely spoken by the more educated members of the population and particularly so in the City areas, Tagalog is the national language. Tagalog is spoken all over the Philippines but mainly in the northern islands such as Luzon Island. Luzon is the largest of the Philippine Islands and contains the capital, Manila.

If you live, holiday or do business in the Philippines then you really should consider doing yourself a favour and Learn Tagalog. This will allow you to communicate more efficiently with the local people, especially if you travel out of the city areas. If you have ever been to the Philippines you would be all too familiar with talking to the locals in English and then suddenly they will speak to each other in their native tongue. Have you ever wondered what they were trying to hide?

There are many ways you can learn Tagalog and there is no better place to learn than to actually live in the Philippines. This is not really practical for most of us so here are a few ideas for you to consider how you can learn Tagalog.

Try to find a class.

Look up your local college, university or technical college and see if they have a class in Tagalog. Formal structured training is always a great way to learn. This can take a long time and maybe you really can’t wait that long.

Watch movies from the Philippines.

If you watch a movie from the Philippines in the native language, particularly if there are subtitles, then you will start to pick up a few of the words. I know when I was sitting with my fiancĂ©’ watching television I slowly picked up some of the words and could begin to repeat them in no time at all.

Get some one on one tuition.

Do you have a friend who can teach you. One on one coaching is a fantastic way to Learn Tagalog. Your friend will teach you to speak like a local with regular conversation that you and your friends speak every day.

Buy a book.

Of course you can purchase a book and learn Tagalog straight out of the book. There are stacks of them available and a quick search of your local book store should reveal something that you are comfortable with.

Buy a DVD.

This is probably an even better option than the book as you can see and listen to the way words are spoken.

Download some software.

A quick search in one of the search engines will probably find you about a million hits for software where you can learn Tagalog. Simply find which one you like and download it to your computer.

Whatever your reason is to learn Tagalog don’t waste time and do something about it today.

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