History of Tamil Cinemas

Cinema styles of the olden times are always inspirational to a movie maker. The limited technology did not stop the cine makers from exploring international trends. The typicality of Tamil cinema is still present in the editing style and presentation. The earlier cinemas belonged to the silent movies and theatres were rare. The Electric theatre seemed to be the earliest theatre to showcase movies. Gramophones, tent cinemas and budding Indian talents paved the way for bigger clicks in the Tamil cinema.

The location of the mythological movies was dramatic and the silent movies had a certain charm about Tamil cinema. 1916 is marked as the advent of first Tamil cinema which promised a lot of renaissance in the times to come. The original films like Eratha Tilagam, Maniyosai and Pana Thottam had a distinct South Indian flavor. The feats of Shivaji Ganesan, Gemini Ganesan and Saroja devi is still remembered by all of us.

Tamil film songs are about pure melody concentrating on the classical touch. The music of certain production houses was also typical. The old production houses were Kamala Theatre, AVM productions and Saravana Films. The transition in Tamil cinemas was also gradual and the acting styles also evolved eventually. The recent actors are more honed in westernized dance forms and yet the songs seem to be rendering the vernacular lyrics.

Tamil cinemas nowadays are also much about color and emphasis. The contribution of experimental actors like Kamal Hassan with his performance in Thevar Maghan and Apurva Sarvodagal was inspirational to other regional film makers to remake the films in their respective territories. Award functions in the South are also recognizing the rich contributions of the technical team.

Various collaborated companies in special effects and animation are based in Chennai. Their splendid works are seen in the recent movies and aptly justifies our self reliance in the field of technology. The presence of many cinema halls in Tamil Nadu is proof enough of the growing movie buffs who adore Tamil films. The promotion plans are also characterized with giant cut outs and unique propaganda to reach the film to all centers.

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