Treat Your Eyes And Ears With The Samsung Electronic Home Theater HT-D550

Upgrade your home entertainment with the Samsung HT-D550 Home Cinema. This high-definition home entertainment system with a host of technologically sound features, not only delivers amazing life-like images, but also produces an audio quality that will give other home cinema systems a run for their money.

In this fast moving world every hard working human yearns for a time to rest and relax. And what better way to release our tension than going to movies. But when time is a luxury, most of us hardly get the time to visit the cinemas. Understanding the need of the people, Samsung has introduced the HT-D550 5.1 Ch Home Cinema System. This high-definition home theater system is designed to deliver theater-like experience in the comfort of your home.

The Samsung HT-D550 Home Cinema delivers life-like pictures, accompanied by an equally engaging audio experience. The HDMI ensures that the picture quality streamed into your TV is just amazing. Accompanying it is a DVD player that streams images at super-fast speed delivering a realistic portrayal of everything right from the tiniest drop to the largest explosion. This DVD player supports most disk formats including DVD VIDEO/AUDIO, DVD ± R, DVD ± RW, CD, and CD-R/RW. That’s not all; this 5.1 home theater system upgrades standard definition images to high-definition images, setting whole new standards for home viewing.

If you are impressed by this, then you have to know about the audio quality. This Samsung Home Cinema System HT-D550 comes together with 5.1ch Dolby Pro Logic II, Power Bass and Crystal Amplifier Plus. All of them work in sync with each other to deliver theater-quality sound right in your living room. The connectivity system of The Samsung Home Theater System is made in such a way that you can watch your pictures like how you watch in a theater.

You no longer have to restrict yourself to watching your favorite videos, songs or photos on your iPhone or iPod. The docking cradle provided with this High-Definition Home Theater System allows you to connect your iPhone or iPod to the home theater and enjoy them on a much bigger screen. Also it is now easy to change to your favorite songs and videos with the help of the remote. You can even charge your iPod or iPhone while they are connected to the home theater system.

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