Film Industry and Our Youth

In the first premise, some films and video tapes which are released into the world market are doing more harm to the society than good. These films are full of various modes and systems of corruptions. Imagine a film in which a small boy abused and insulted the age mate of his parents for almost one and half hours and was punished in the film for only five minutes,much emphasis is laid on the insult and abuse than the punishment inherent in the social malady. When other children watch such a movie, they think within them that it is no harm to do such a thing to ones parent or other elders, then they imitate such act and started to abuse their elders in the public. These children do not know that real life situations are not two or three hours journey, but journey of many years before and ahead.

We no longer buy or encourage our youth to watch good, educative or christian films or movies in which they can learn good morals and learn more about Christ Jesus, but it is only those ones that will corrupt or even destroy them. A film Censor director once said that “A boy or girl who wakes up in the morning to watch violent movies and takes ritual films at Lunch , and blue (sex) film at night before bed, what manner of future leader will he or she become?

The mind of our children are polluted with the actions of the corrupt films. Our generation has little or no films which edifies or teach these young minds on the rewards inherent in respect for elders and punishment for disobidience. Film producers lay more emphasis on bad characters, while they snap through or just “show off” in few seconds the punishment in disobedience.

I will advise the film producers to change this system. Much emphasis should rather be laid on the punishment or reward in a particular character for disobedience or obedience respectively than the act. By this, our children will avoid such behaviour which can make the entire world to frowm at them.

Video tapes and films come in various categories today. Only films in general categories that is, the ones meant for general viewing should the children be allowed to watch.

Students fail in both internal and external examinations the more because video tapes, Cds and cinema houses have taken over the precious time they would have spent with their studies. They no longer read effectively as before,they watch more of movies instead. In another way round, they seek cheap success by getting themselves involved in examination malpractices.

We have not seen anything yet,if something is not done as quickly as possible about bad films proliferation not only examinations malpractices will turn out to be the effect, but there will be more armed robbers, prostitutes and of course HIV/ AIDS infected people all over the world.The government must do something urgently to stop this act. All hands must be on desk to put a final solution to the malady.

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