The Secret of My Success

In Latin the word means ‘to dare’.

This word is so critical to your success and it’s a common
attribute of the most successful people in the world.

Like whom you ask?

Donald Trump, Tiger Woods, Meg Whitman, Steve Jobs
and tons of others.

You want more?


Warren Buffet, Derek Jeter, Julia Roberts and others.

Let me tell you why I’m sharing this point with you today
and why it can help you quickly reach your goals and dreams.

I just finished up a book called ‘Against The Gods’.

It was a good book, but a little over my head. It was
about science, statistics, and math, interesting, but
not a ‘must read’.

Let me share with you the subtitle to the book and why
it caught my attention.

The subtitle is: The Remarkable Story Of Risk

Yes, RISK.

The word RISK in Latin means ‘to dare’ and here’s
my challenge to you this week.

You ready?

Seriously, only continue reading if you’re ready to SAY YES
and TAKE Action.

Ok, onward.

First, one of my early mentors shared with me a quote that I’ve
always kept by my side because it’s so powerful. (write this

‘Nothing great has ever been accomplished without
stretching yourself.’


Stretching yourself.

But even more important is the work RISK and here’s why.

This week is a call for you to go BEYOND anything you’ve
done in the past.

This week is a call to risk, more importantly, TO DARE.

DARE to stretch yourself, dare to live up to your greatest
potential, dare to be more powerful, DARE to be stronger,

Here’s your challenge.

It’s not complex, but–oh boy–if you can follow through your
life will incredibly change.

***You need to do ONE THING each day this week
that you don’t want to do.


Because YOU only grow by doing the things you don’t want to do.

DARE to go against everyone’s natural tendency to put things off
till ‘tomorrow’.

FLEX your SUCCESS MUSCLES and DARE to be great.

Ask yourself:

What is 1 thing that I don’t want to do today, but if I did it,
it would move my life and/or business forward?

Then write it down and START today.

You can be greater then you’ve EVER imagined and it starts by
daring and risking yourself to be more.

Remember, progress is always about going from awkward
to natural.

We’re always uncomfortable before we’re comfortable.

Get uncomfortable and NEVER give up on yourself or your dreams.

I BELIEVE in your greatness.

Make your move.

Talk to you soon.

Mike Litman

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