Sony KDL52Z5500 Review

If you thought it was impossible to build a model that boasts all of the features you have dreamed off, think again.  The Sony Bravia KDL 52Z5500 is the latest model which has been built with incredibly intelligent functions and settings for your comfort and convenience.

You can now expect to enjoy your personal files on the big screen using DLNA Home Networking Technology, rather than carrying a heavy laptop or any other device around the house.  DLNA lets you connect devices to the 52Z5500 screen do you can stay sat in one place whilst enjoying your multimedia content.

USB Media Player makes it easy for you to connect your personal files.  You can now transfer content directly to the home cinema system by just plugging in your device.  Watching blockbuster movies and listening to fantastic tunes has never been easier.

There is nothing better than sitting down in your living room after a hard day’s work to watch a DVD, now you will be in for a special treat when you watch films through 24P True Cinema.  This smart function shows movies the way there were originally made at 24 frames per second.  Most televisions show films at 25 frames per second which is why you experience mediocre viewing.  With the Bravia 52Z5500 it will be like watching your favourite films for the first time ever.

Along with 24P True Cinema, MotionFlow 200Hz ensures images are super smooth, and superior in quality in every way due to the original frames being taken from the video signal.  A set of frames are then recreated and inserted in between the originals.  This enhances the frame rate from 50 to 200 frames per second for a smooth finish.

BRAVIA ENIGINE 3 boasts the most realistic images with optimal contrast and highly detailed pictures to make scenes come to life with an organic appearance about them.  In fact, with BRAVIA ENGINE 3, you will get 30% wider colour range than you would with an ordinary television.

To give you an idea of how unique this model is, a traditional television set gives a resolution picture of 720×576 and Sony KDL 52Z5500 provides 1920x1080P.  The higher the pixels are, the finer the details that can be seen on screen.  Your new Sony ‘best friend’ is not only friendly towards you but to the environment as well.  For instance, it features Eco-friendly settings which can reduce brightness of the screen and completely switch off the TV set, saving energy (and money).

The Bravia 52Z5500 comes with four built-in HDMI Inputs which are located on the rear (x2) and on the side (x2).  They allow for a much easier connection to HD sources and make it more convenient for when you want to connect devices temporarily, like camcorders and cameras.

The 52Z5500 has probably the most ideal feature of all; BRAVIA SYNC.  This means you can now access the entire home cinema system using only one remote control and pressing one on-screen menu.  It makes no difference whether you are looking to watch a movie, view photos or play games, BRAVIA SYNC will locate your chosen entertainment immediately.

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