The Window Film Peel Test

Safety window films perform their jobs effectively and beautifully. They keep glass together for a long time that might otherwise break. Unfortunately, many consumers do not realize that these films do not last forever – and they learn it the hard way. Like all window films, safety films and their adhesives deteriorate over time and with exposure to UV light. If damaged films are left unnoticed and un-replaced, this can lead to them failing at a critical moment.

Most safety films come with a warranty and should be replaced every 10 years. However, many property owners do not know how long their window film has been in place or whether it is able to withstand the pressure it was originally designed to endure. The easiest way to discover the strength of your film is to have a window film installation expert do a simple window film peel test.

How to Do the Test

Because the International Window Film Association does not currently have a standardized testing method for determining a film’s adhesive strength and integrity, Americans who want to test their window film need to rely on a version of what the British have come up with. Here is what you will need to do:

Start your test by cutting out a vertical rectangle strip in the middle of a filmed window. This strip should be roughly one-inch wide and 16-inches long. Mark off every four inches on the strip. Peel back the top of the strip to the four-inch mark. Wrap this around the clip of a testing tool and secure it to itself. Attach the weight you wish to test to your testing tool until you achieve a slow creep, which will tell you the actual strength of the film and its adhesive.

As a caveat, please remember that this test does not work for films that are nine millimeters or thicker.

Why Test It?

As previously stated, film does not last forever. This test offers property owners an easy way to test film both after an installation has been initially completed and through the years as the film degrades. By being aware of the state of your glass film and its ability to maintain its original strength and durability, you can ensure the safety of your guests and also know when the time has come to replace the film before there is any danger to anyone on your property.

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