An Almanac for Dads – Get Out? A Book Review for Any Father

Well, no one’s parents are perfect, but what if you could be the perfect dad? Listen fathers, I think it is now possible. No, it’s probably too late for dead beat dads, but if you have done a pretty good job so far, then perfection is within range. Let me explain, you see, you need the ultimate book designed just for dads:

“The Father’s Almanac” by S. Adams Sullivan – 1947.

Sometimes funny, but always informative, this work is perfect for a father, who has a child, kid or teen and suddenly realized that his offspring came with no information manual. Well, consider this the book for you. The subtitle; “An Indispensable Book of Practical Advice and Ideas for Men Who Enjoy the Fun and Challenge of Raising Young Children.” After reading through this book, I have to agree, it is all that and more. There is even a chapter for fathers who will soon be fathers and are quite worried and wondering if they can handle it or not. Most likely they won’t get everything right with or without this book, but it’s a heck of a great start.

Chapters include such subjects as dealing with babies, proper discipline, how to play with kids, juggling family with job, providing for a family and the real needs, as well as chapters on special events, working with kids, teaching them, and keeping good records. The end of the book is rich with much needed information, further reading and resources. If you are a day and want to stay on top of your fatherly duties you need this book and you ought to be reading it too.

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