Sony KDL19S5720 Review

Sony has committed itself to both portability and green practices with the Sony KDL19S5720 television. Like other KDL models, this TV features a lightweight design allowing it to easily be moved from room to room. With a 24p True Cinema and Live Color technology, the television delivers excellent picture no matter where you set it up. With this model, Sony has also renewed its commitment to green manufacturing practices by featuring energy saving options and the use of recycled materials.

Sony created a truly portable television that delivers a variety of viewing options to its customers. This Sony KDL19S5720 model’s light weight and removable handle makes it easy to transfer from room to room without worrying about straining a muscle. Having a portable television is perfect for families whose viewing needs may change on a daily basis.

Knowing that the needs of families can change at a moments notice, Sony created a model with the ability to adapt. Portability allows the Sony KDL19S5720 to be used for a variety of purposes without the stress and strain associated with moving furniture and equipment. Families can set it up for video games in the kids play room, watch movies together in the family room, or catch up on the headlines in the kitchen.

No matter how a family chooses to use this television, they can be assured it will deliver a crystal clear picture. This Sony KDL19S5720 model features 24p True Cinema and Live Color technologies, which deliver a picture rivaled only by high-quality HD televisions. Colors are vibrant and bright and the24p True Cinema allows movies to be viewed the way they were filmed. For those wishing to use HD technology, this model is HD ready and can easily be hooked up to a high definition receiver.

While the sound system is adequate, it could be a little better. The Sony KDL19S5720 TV uses 2 by 5 speakers and Dolby digital audio technology. The audio is fairly crisp, but it seems as though it is limited because of the overall limitations of the television. The audio is acceptable on its own, but you may want to think about using an inexpensive surround sound system.

Families can also find comfort knowing this Sony KDL19S5720 television uses responsible, eco-friendly technology. Working with environmental concerns in mind, Sony offers their consumers a variety of energy saving options. Customers can choose to use their TV on eco-settings, which turn off the TV when it is not being used. Power-saving modes adjust backlight levels in dim lighting to help save energy.

This Sony KDL19S5720 TV was also manufactured using environmentally conscious practices. Sony is committed to the green movement and uses recycled materials wherever possible. The packaging, shipping materials and the television itself all use green materials. Recycled paper and plastics are used whenever it is possible including low-VOC ink, recycled packaging materials, and halogen-free television parts.

Overall, Sony has created a television that addresses the concerns and needs of today’s families. In a world where families are busy and needs are ever changing, Sony delivers the Sony KDL19S5720. The television adapts to it’s viewers needs and continues to deliver excellent picture and sound qualities. Additionally, the television features a variety of eco-friendly settings and is manufactured using recycled and environmentally-friendly materials.

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