Rent Films – The Disadvantages

Films rental is taking the internet by storm, over the last couple of years a real increase in movie rental from online sources has been seen. In this article I am going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of online DVD rental.

As for the disadvantages, I can’t really find any as it clearly better than renting in store in every way possible it has so many advantages it would be impossible to discuss them all in one article, however I will cover some of the main points so you can get an idea of the rental business.

A main advantage I have noticed is that while some shops are only open 9am to 5pm the internet is open all day every day and if you choose to you can rent movies at anytime you fancy online. The availability of the movies online is also excellent there are around ten times more movies to select and all of them will be in stock as you’re not renting from one place in particular but a collection of DVD warehouses, so your DVD will be in stock whenever you choose to rent it.

The price of renting a movie online is also 10 times better than simply buying a movie or renting in store. I found some great deals recently when researching for this article, one of them was a month’s free trial and after that you get to rent unlimited DVDs for only 9.99 pounds a month which is a seriously low price when the cost to buy one single movie is greater than 9.99 pounds. I highly recommend to Rent Films and if you aren’t already doing so I recommend you do to.

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