The Main Characteristics of the Chinese Series

Various Storylines

There are many characteristics of the Chinese series that make it unique in content. The first characteristic that makes a Chinese drama stand apart from other series such as the Korean series is that they offer a wide range of genres. The content of the Chinese drama is not monotonous or repetitive in any case. It makes the audience become hooked to it right from the beginning through to the end. All the stories shown through the Chinese drama are intriguing and have a certain emotional depth with which the audiences can connect profoundly. Another reason for the popularity of the Chinese drama is that the media that are known to be widely sinophobic are gradually losing their importance. The audiences can see the series without any bias for what it wants to portray.

Best Political Series

It is a fact that the Chinese series portrays some of the best political themes of all time. The reason for the same is because they describe the political scenarios in a series in many details. The details are worth viewing and analyzing by a large audience. The analytical part attracts audience as it stirs the people’s curious minds, and they get to know about the history of a country. It is also interesting as it shows the real politics of China rather than some made-up fictions. The series Chu-Han Contention and the Legend of Ruyi are among this category of Chinese drama. The objectivity of these Chinese series is praiseworthy, even though they are equally emotional and tense in their plot lines.

Great Characterization

The characterization of the Chinese series is amazing. There is practically no single protagonist towards whom you are forced to be biased by the writers. Every character is given equal space and dialogues. No single character overshadows the other in such a Chinese series. This trait of the Chinese series is very much unlike those of the Korean series as they force the audience to be biased towards a couple of particular characters who are supposedly the leads of that show. In Chinese series, one can choose whoever character they want as their favorite without feeling guilty that they are not choosing the protagonists. Whether in real life or fiction, every character has both evil and good inside them. It opens the door for the fans of such a Chinese series to discuss their favorite shows and characters to a great length on social media. It is also responsible for increasing the popularity of the Chinese series.

Brevity of Content

There is another subtle reason that often goes unnoticed when it comes to the popularity of Chinese series. The reason is the brevity of its content. The plots of the Chinese drama are simple and not complex, unlike the Korean series. The episodes are brief and not lengthy like other series. It opens up a possibility of taking a break in between the episodes. Another advantage is that you may come back after a couple of hours or even a week and still remember what had happened in the previous episode. The pace of the episodes is fast, unlike the Korean series that moves slowly.

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