Proactive Public Relations – YouTube Videos Are a Great Promotional Tool Still 2022

Proactive Public Relations – YouTube Videos Are a Great Promotional Tool

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The Internet is a great marketing and public relations tool for business owners and PR practitioners. It is a convergent medium where you can get access to audio, video and text quite easily. One of the biggest growing websites of recent time has been YouTube – the video sharing website. YouTube allows anybody to upload videos on any topic that they wish.

Here are three reasons that you may want to consider uploading YouTube videos as a proactive public relations activity for your business.

Television is becoming less popular- You can no longer rely on television advertising to reach your target audience for a number of reasons. Television is becoming less popular amongst a wide variety of target audiences and new technology means that many viewers will be more easily able to ignore your ad anyway. Digital recorders like Tivo allow you to fast forward through ads. Watching videos online is becoming more popular. If you come up with something that is interesting and informative you are going to be able to find an audience online.

You do not need to appeal to the masses- In order to be effective, mainstream media advertising generally relies on you trying to appeal to the masses. Your message has to go to the lowest common denominator to try and be relevant to as many people as possible. This means that you will probably end up reaching nobody as your ad will not really speak to anyone. It is also worth noting that mainstream media advertising is extremely expensive. It costs a fortune for small business owners and it is almost impossible to get a measurable result.

You can make different YouTube videos for different target audiences- In contrast, videos that can be posted online are extremely cheap to make and free to upload. As such, you can easily make more than one video, each with a message that is more directly targeted to each of your potential target audiences. For example, if you are in telecommunications you may want to look at different ads for different niche markets. For example, you would need a different message for an accountant than you would need for a tradesperson. They are not going to be influenced by the same things.

Advertising through videos online is a great opportunity for all small business entrepreneurs and it makes much more sense than utilizing television advertising. Mainstream media just does not work.

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