How to Finger a Girl? Still 2022

How to Finger a Girl?

Stop 2022

If you want to be little innovative while you are on your bed, you can explore the sexual prowess of your finger. It will surely bring back the lost charm in your sex life and you will be adjudged as a real ‘sex master’ by your partner. And this accolade will eventually make you elated. Don’t you want to get this adage?

Genital massage with the help of your finger is the key to sexual bliss and it is a very good foreplay that can help both you and your partner scale new ‘sexual heights’. Fingering will help you identify the rhythm that she desires. At the same time, you will also come to know the erogenous spots that will make her achieve orgasm faster.

This will eventually lead to a better sexual intercourse and therefore a better relationship between you and your partner.

It’s amazing, right? Many men hardly knew what their fingers can do to their relationship. It can act as a cementing force between you and your partner.

In order to master the art of fingering, go through the following properly and change your whole perspective towards sex.

Start with a gentle body massage- Give her sexual arousal by gently massaging her body. After this, you can give her a wet kiss so as to get her in the mood. Don’t forget to kiss her nipples too. You can then start massaging the mound of her vagina.

Use your finger to feel the labia- It is the outer rim of the vagina that can help you to know how aroused she is. Check whether this part of the vagina is wet. If so, then she is sexually aroused. You can apply some lubricant on your finger tips so as to properly move into her. You can even feel the clitoris, which is the upper part of her vagina and gently massage it.

Insert your finger smoothly- If by massaging her private organ she becomes wetter and wetter, it shows that you are successful in paving the path for her ultimate sexual arousal. You can insert your middle finger up to your second knuckle while you massage her clitoris with your thumb. While doing this, you can simultaneously massage her G-spot too. This is one of the most erogenous spots of her body and therefore you should massage well so that she can achieve her orgasm

Try to identify her body rhythm- By now, she will start moving her hips out of sheer sexual delight. Try to identify the rhythm of her movement and match it with your finger movements. If the finger movement and her body movement match, she will get a very good orgasm. At this point, she will start moaning and her body will get tightened up.

If you master the art of fingering, you can easily achieve sexual gratification. It is easy to follow and at the same time very effective too. Follow the above easy steps and see the positive change it will bring to your sex life.

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