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Worlds Beyond The Waldorf Catacomb

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The two planets circle a small sun, a dwarf sun, as often the term is used for planets of a small size planets, but in this case, these two planets are the size of earth, and the sun is small, so we can call it, a dwarf sun, that is, its size is 1/8 the size of earth’s sun, so the analogy fits I do believe. This solar system, from these two planets and sun, is forty light-years from earth, small as it is it is seeable from earth’s telescope and by Hubble’s Space Telescope, in interstellar space, without a problem. William H. Waldorf is a psychbiologist, with a secondary doctorate in psychodynamics.

Scientists know man will never get to physically walk on any of those two planets, but they are of interest to them: it would take 80-years roundtrip, at the speed of light.

Dr. Waldorf, stationed in Darmstadt Germany, as a consultant for the Space Station there, has been working on a special project, a system that will change time-travel, that is to say, faster than the speed of light, where scraps and fragments of a person, through mind projection will be patched together, as a shadow and this shadow will travel this distance, and will be able to observe and interact with his observations and produce actual living conditions on those planets or for that matter any planet, once their location is pinpointed-; a form of personification through one’s shadow. Of course it is more complicated than that, but in laymen terms that is it in a nutshell. Let me also add, one’s shadow takes the place of one’s physiology. While in this state mentally you would no longer exist here on earth, while being wherever else you may be.

Some of the complications reside in the least movement on earth, would disturb the gravity and molecule balance around you on the other planet; you would although on such a planet mentally be present, interact with objects, faces, forms, angles and color. Any disturbance-again I repeat, involved would alter the interaction, produce delirious implications, distorted visions, cause one’s atoms to disrupt, whole on the visiting planet.

Dr. Waldorf explained to his colleagues, this was a new kind of astronaut, the new and the future. Hence, one could be driven into transstaller life. If you can see something through a telescope, that something you are looking at, has a trigger to project something back to you, its image, thus, you can reverse that, to have that something pull your image to it, but more with more personification, more embodiment.
As for the good doctor, he had extended the barriers of the brain, modified the atoms, their interactions, within the brain, those 100-billion molecules, that swim around and within its nucleus, reprograming them on a map, to invade the cosmos. Once and a while the unbelievable becomes the believable, by trial and error: so was his philosophy.

And is it not true, two brains are better than one, and in this case it was one brain, and one brain alone, he allowed no one to step within his circle of experimentation, although he kept them updated, lest he lose his grant. What he failed to look at was the law of a new environment. He had built a contemplative vision, and visual impressions to his earthly cylinder that would transport him to his destination: his shadow would be so light, it would not cause a problem with travel through space and its matter, nor earth’s several spheres. Gravity did not need to pull it, nor light, but two triggers, one from the person to look upon the sight, and a trigger from the sight, looked upon, that is the sight of the destination, that interaction, with the shadow of him being as light as a feather, would project onto his landmass, but it needed to be focused perfectly, lest he end up in the sun’s liquid heat, and who knows what then, the inevitable.

He took with him the laws and perspectives of his own world. He hung motionlessly within a hung cylinder, suspended in air, warm but nearly paralyzed in place, as to not move. His mind traveled through space and time in a quantum wave, faster than time, one-hundredfold, light-years faster ((200-million miles per second, thereabout?)(Or about 12-billion miles per minute, or 61.2 trillion miles per hour… ? Consequently, a six hour travel span))

He could not remember anything beyond himself peering a few times around the space cylinder, nor could he imagine anything, nor was he in REM sleep, he fell into a dead, lifeless slumber.

He awoke on one of the two planets, he could strangely breathe, it had evidently a light stratosphere, enough for a shadow, if indeed he even needed one, he was breathing in his cylinder. He had a ghostly form, an impression of himself for the most part, but mentally more there than on earth. He felt like a cataleptic god of sorts, like the gods of mythology. It was as if his mind produced atom-folded heat, he was a carbon copy of himself on earth, in shadow contortions. As he looked about, it seemed the planet was in the stage earth had been in during a previous Ice Age, when North America had reached its pre-Clovis phase, thereabouts, 16,000 to 9000 B.C., he saw a mammoth, cousin to the elephant. He heard thunder, felt the inscrutable heat of the dwarf sun.

He had left earth 50-years old, now he was 130-years old earth time, and knew if he returned he’d physically die, thus he, transmitted to his colleagues, that he wanted to remain where he was, and thus, his mummified, was preserved in a motionless coffin, called “The Waldorf Catacomb,” retained at the British Museum, in one of its cellar backrooms, safe and soundless.

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