Answers About Yahoo Answers Still 2022

Answers About Yahoo Answers

Stop 2022

Yahoo Answers! is a site located at Yahoo that let’s people ask questions and where other people answer them as best they can. It uses a point based system where longer and aged accounts will be more trusted and where anyone can quickly become an authority on any topic. While many people may not realize it, there is money to be made using this site at Yahoo. One way, comes down to a simple marketing principle.

At Yahoo Answers! people have problems. Using this as a breeding ground for product ideas you can search through it, either by topic or any interest you already have, to find people looking to solve their problems. The next step is you then search the internet for the solution to their problem. A huge amount of information is free on the internet so finding this information should be easy and slightly annoying at worst.

After you have the information they want you create a report about it. Marketers often turn this information into ebooks, since digital products have no hard and fast fees except perhaps time and getting a merchant account at sites like Clickbank or PayDotCom. The time you spend turning the free information into a report will be one of your biggest uses of time. Once you have your report, what do you do with it?

Return back to Yahoo Answers! or even a Yahoo Group related to the problem you have just solved and give the report away for free. The ideal way to do this is to have an autoresponder account either at Aweber or Getresponse and exchange their email address for your report. This will allow you to built a list of interested prospects in whatever area you have chosen. Once you have that list of targeted prospects you can then use your autoresponder sequence or mail them as you choose with more information or with products related to the market. It may take a little work, but this is one way to make money using Yahoo Answers.

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