World’s Longest Longboard Skateboard Still 2022

World’s Longest Longboard Skateboard

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Thanks to “Nervous Ned” on Silverfish I found someone who would actually road an 100 INCH beast. Ned said that it was in 2005 at the New Jersey Fatboy Garage Fest. So it’s no longer an 88 INCH record, we are up to 100 now.

A guy called George won the “longest board” contest by riding a homemade 100 inch board (carving, board walking, sliding, and racing), and i think he actually came in third place in the downhill race somehow. it was amazing watching him drifting 90 degree corners around the garage. he won pie that day.

Im sure this kid looks no older then 17, decent effort for the board! Congrats George!

After writing this post I found the official “Longest Longboard Skateboard World Record.

After the two previous Longboard Skateboard World Records I talked about were impressive and I thought they would not get any longer. But no! Here is the official longest longboard ever built!

Ever thought you had seen some longboards that are just to long? Well check out this one! It would sure make things interesting if you wanted to turn sharply on it. But would be the king of board walking kings!

Introducing the worlds Largest Longboard “Texas Rolling Thunder” – 80″A massive solid wood juggernaut – 80″ Long with dual tandem trucks Titanium bearings. Rock steady on downhill rolls. Comes complete with custom soul kryptonic wheels.

I tried hunting the “World’s Shortest Shortboard” but it seems no one has taken that title yet. I wonder how short it can get, you would probably end up looking like you just had rollerskates on. World’s Longest Longboard wins!

– If any one has a video of a mentally long longboard or a stupidly short shortboard, send them in here!

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