Make Twitter Work for Your Business Discover 2022

Make Twitter Work for Your Business

Still 2022

Twitter is the latest in social networking forums and is unlike anything else. The free program allows you to post quick updates that are then sent to all of your “followers.” Twitter gained popularity by being used by celebrities and their fans, but is now one of the best free business tools for any company.

Once you sign up for a free account and design a profile to fit your business it is time to start tweeting. A tweet is the 160 character message that can be sent online or from your cell phone. Businesses use this to list sales, specials and promotions occurring for their company. The best way to gain followers is by using an automated posting program such as TweetSpinner or TweetAdder. Each of these programs will automatically post messages for you at timed intervals. The more tweets that are associated with your company the more followers and recognition you will receive. People often search a specific keyword on Twitter which will then lead them to a multitude of companies and people with shared interests.

To tag a keyword in your profile you need to place the # sign before a word. For example, if you wanted to tag cemeteries for your plot sales business, you would put #cemeteries in a status. Anyone who searched “cemetery” would find your business in their listings of Twitter companies. The more keywords that are tagged the more followers you will gain. The more followers the more traffic to your business; the more traffic to your business the more money in your pocket.

Other features with Twitter auto post programs allow businesses to automatically follow anyone that follows them, automatically approve anyone that follows them and automatically send a welcome introduction with link to their website to new followers. All of these features can be preset so that Twitter will work while you go about your busy day. Businesses have reported 30% to 40% increases in internet sales through thanks to Twitter. Twitter also helps increase a business’s SEO ranking. Each tweet that is associated with a business can be considered a mini article about the company. Tweets can also be forwarded from one follower to another which helps spread the word for a company faster.

Twitter is best suited for companies or businesses that sell products or services and offer regular promotions or new items. Blogs and websites can also be shared through tweets. Once you post a link to another article to Twitter, your business gains an extra link to help build its internet ranking. All in all, Twitter is a free program that can be used to market your business and requires less work and upkeep than the other sites.

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