Life History of Actor Nagesh Still 2022

Life History of Actor Nagesh

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The contribution of actor Nagesh to Tamil cinema is immeasurable. He was born on September 27, 1933 to Krishna Rao and Rukmaniamma in a Kannada family. He was educated and brought up in Madras. From 1958-2008 he has acted in more than 1000 Indian movies. He worked as a clerk in Indian Railways before the start of his acting carrier. When he was working, he was also acting in the drams of veteran director K. Balachander.

He became popular as a comedian during 1960’s. He was spoken for his dialogue delivery and body language. Nagesh did the lead role in a film named “ServerSundaram” which was released on 1964. The story clearly portrayed the real life of the great comedian. One can know the struggle faced by this genius comedian by seeing this movie.

Nagesh was also well known as a character artist. His acting in Poova Thalaya, Bhama Vijayam, Ethir Neechal, Neer Kumizhi are unforgettable. His original name was Gundu Rao. He was born in Dharapuram and belongs to Madhwa Brahmin community.

The combination of Nagesh and Manorama were considered the best pare those days. They have done many films together. There was a time when four to five films with the combination of both released a year, and all turned out to be great blockbusters.

In the later stage of his carrier, he did character role in many movie. Nagesh will be in almost all movies of Kamal Haasan. His last movie was Dasavatharam in which Kamal Haasan did ten roles.

He passed away on January 31, 2009. The Tamil cinema industry and the fans of Nagesh were greatly mourned by his loss. Thought he has left us, his works are eternal.
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