The First Step in Becoming a Mystery Shopper Stop 2022

The First Step in Becoming a Mystery Shopper

Today 2022

Once you have gotten the “itch” and decided to become a mystery shopper the very first thing to do is to pick up a free email account to be used for mystery shopping and merchandising only. There are many email providers but you will not go wrong picking one of the big three; Hotmail, Yahoo, or Google.

Hotmail, Yahoo, and Google are all free, can be kept and used forever, and are I.S.P. independent. One of the worse things that can happen is to register to over a hundred mystery shopping companies using your I.S.P’s (Internet Service Provider’s) email address and then to switch providers and be forced to re-submit a hundred new email addresses. When you use one of the free I.S.P. independent emails you will nnever have to change no matter who your I.S.P. provider is or becomes.

You will want to us your mystery shopping email only for mystery shopping business. When very active it is not unusual to receive a hundred emails a day and you will not want to mix your personal mail with that. Out of the hundred daily emails perhaps only ten will be of interest. The ability to shift through email quickly and efficiently is a skill that can and will be learned with practice.

Mystery shopping is a profession. When obtaining an email keep the name professional. You will be taken more serious by schedulers and providers with a trustworthy professional email name. When you are taken as a serious shopper you will be given more opportunities which in turn mean more money in your pocket. [email protected] will always attract more and better attention than [email protected]. Which would your rather have work for you?
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