Your Higher Self Has Chosen Everything For You Discover 2022

Your Higher Self Has Chosen Everything For You

Discover 2022

Realize and appreciate every moment as perfect because your higher self has chosen everything and it is all happening in divine order and divine timing. You higher self sees the bigger picture and has decided on the best possible experience for you to have. You don’t have to worry that things are not going the way they were meant to go or regret that things are going in a different direction because of what you did. You connect back to the direction of your source the moment you realize that it is in control.

You came into this world with a purpose that was chosen by your higher self, the aspect of you which is one with God. You were specially designed for the fulfillment of it. Your life conditions that you were born into were also specially chosen as part of that purpose. Your innate personality traits, talents and physical qualities were also given for the work you were meant to do. The dreams that you came to have and the desires of your heart were inspired by your higher self for your purpose as you grew in life.

Everything from the beginning all the way to the end of your possible human life on this world has already been thought of and designed by your higher self. Nothing that happens to you which appears to be out of your control is a mistake. As you go along the journey of your life and making choices that leads to the unfoldment of your destiny, each step of the way, your higher self steps in to alter the arrangement of events in order to keep you on your path. Some of these alterations may appear as bad things.

That is why many a times, the unfortunate things that happen in our lives are really blessings in disguise. If we could see what our higher self was seeing, we would know that we had purposed those things to occur. We would be truly happy that they did occur because we wouldn’t have experienced something much better if they didn’t. Even the realization that what we have is actually much better and not worse might take awhile to come when we see how things turn out later, and how it all fits together.

Our higher self exists at a higher dimension that transcends the linearity of time and the limitation of space. It can see past, present and future events all at the same time. It can also see all possible choices of all beings in existence especially our own, and all possible results and alternate timelines that span from those choices. It makes choices based on this expanded awareness of reality on how things shall play out each time we make a choice. It influences the conditions before we even make a choice.

Our higher self does not override our freewill. It just influences it and works along with it. Our higher self already knows the possible choices we would make before we make them, therefore it just influences the most probable situations of past, present and future according to our most probable choices along every alternate timeline that is parallel with the one we are experiencing in the here and now. Our actual choice in the here and now still has to be made, but everything else is controlled by higher self.

Therefore no matter what choices we make all through our entire lives, we will still get to fulfill our destiny to a certain extent due to the arrangement of events by our higher self. The difference that our choices make is the kind of experience we get to have as we live our lives in this world. Our choices would either lead us to more positive experiences or more negative ones. If we make choices that are aligned with our purpose, we would experience more happiness, satisfaction and peace in living.

Your higher self is you. You are the god force behind the destiny of your entire period of physical incarnation in this world. Think of it as a larger puppeteer you pulling the strings of a smaller puppet you on stage. You created a split of your consciousness to do your work in the physical world. It is all you and you are an expression of God. Learn to trust yourself by trusting your higher self. You have chosen everything that happens along the way and it is all perfect. Therefore you can be grateful for all there is.

If you cannot appreciate and be grateful for everything that is in the present moment, you can never truly appreciate and be grateful when you have attained all those things you desire which you think will make you happy. Because when the future becomes the present moment and those things come into your life, you will still not be in the state of being to appreciate and be grateful for all that you have. You will never be in vibrational harmony with experiencing your desires if you can never do it in the now.

There are people who are unable to enjoy the present moment and have been working to create a better future. But when the day comes where their breakthrough happens and they achieve the very success that they desire almost overnight or very quickly, they find that they don’t seem to feel the happiness that they thought they would feel when they have everything they desire. They wonder if that is all there is. They still feel empty and some of them end up taking their lives because they feel it is all in vain.

If you can be completely happy in the present and appreciate all there is right now, you are in vibrational harmony with experiencing your desires. You will also be in a state where you can truly appreciate and fully enjoy the success and all those things you are dreaming of when they arrive. That is when you are ready for your desires to manifest and your dreams to be fulfilled. How soon it will happen depends on the divine order of the universe but it can happen sooner when you are no longer resisting.

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