How to Get a Guy to Stop Hating You? 7 Tricks You Can Use to Finally Make Him Like You a Lot Stop 2022

How to Get a Guy to Stop Hating You? 7 Tricks You Can Use to Finally Make Him Like You a Lot

Stop 2022

Your relationship is nose diving, you know you did something terribly wrong and don’t know how to manage the situation from going out of hand. You cannot handle the guy hating you, so read on to get hold on things.

Identify the problem
You have to find out what is the reason for him to turn his love into hate. There has to be some solid reason or were there small issues all the way that led to this outburst. With all honesty first figure out what the problem is, so that you can then take next step to look for solutions.

Work on improvement
If you are able to find out why you are in this situation, then work on making changes and improving yourself. If it is your constant cribbing that made him hate you or your mistrust, try to change yourself to be a positive and trusting person.

Go and apologize
Make the move to go and apologize him for your mistakes, let him see how much you regret if your actions have caused him anguish. An honest apology will surely melt him.

Be nice to him
Whenever you meet, be polite and nice to him. Let your actions speak for themselves, do small, sweet things for him so that he starts looking at you in positive light. Ask him if you can be of help to him in his assignments or something like that to show him that you want to make amends.

Try to rekindle the friendship
Take the initiative to restart the friendship you once had. You have to be patient and accept that it might be a slow process to rebuild the lost connection. Try and get him to talk, be content with short conversation in the beginning if he is hesitant.

Be resilient
He might ignore your presence and avoid you, but you need to show you that you are strong and buoyant and have self assurance that things will work out. Your strong and optimistic character may impress him, and that you are not upset by his constant ignoring. This will make him reflect on his behavior and may warm up to you in some time.

Ask him directly
If nothing works, it is best to ask him directly if the reason for hate is so strong that it cannot be mended. Maybe an honest and open communication is what is needed to sort out the issue, sometimes miscommunication can be the reason for the problems not getting solved. Once he has talked his mind and cleared the air, you can look forward to a better equation with your guy.
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