Sell Your Products Using Videos Still 2022

Sell Your Products Using Videos

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We all know that the use of videos is not new, especially when promoting a product. However, did you know that by including a video to your site your amount of sales can actually increase? Although many will not necessarily watch the video, simply having the option to view a video is a plus.

Including a video on your site of a product you are selling or promoting will give the consumer two viewpoints:

1. The trust factor is increased – the client or customer will trust you the company or business owner more if you are willing to place a video on your site. It also shows that you believe in what you are selling and are willing to promote it on your site with the use of videos.

2. You care – investing in the time to include a video as well as explanations, examples, testimonies, etc of a product you are selling or promoting will tell the consumer that you care about your site, and your product. You will be viewed as more reliable and your sales will increase.

When implementing the use of a video on your site, you may want to consider the following:

1. Add a link for the view to click on to view the video

2. Embed the actual video to your product page

Embedding your video to the product page will actually generate a higher view rate. Although both options are great, when given the option of clicking on a link or viewing right away the later is more effective. Also take into consideration the display format of your video; the most common spot is above the page fold.

Another point to keep in mind is a very important one. We all know that including videos will increase your view rate but just as creating good content, it is wise to create quality videos as well. No one wants to view a poor quality video, which can actually be detrimental to your site and product. Remember quality is best in all mediums.

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