Buyer Beware of Waterford Crystal Bought and Sold on eBay Still 2022

Buyer Beware of Waterford Crystal Bought and Sold on eBay

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It’s such a good feeling to get a bargain on the beautiful “hand cut” Waterford Crystal, say for example in an antique mall. Or, to have it passed down by a loved one as a family heirloom and treasured for future off spring. Or even to purchase a piece of the famous crystal at a reputable store for a wedding or house warming gift is a sheer delight. Or even to get a piece of the famous Waterford brand name at a garage sale is surely a natural high for the crystal connoisseur. Now, when it comes to buying or selling your Waterford Crystal on eBay, well, that’s another matter and buyer should beware!

At the present time it is very difficult to distinguish between the natural deep “hand cut” and “mouth blown” crystal of the eighties and the machine cut crystal of the nineties. Only an expert can tell for sure what period this beautiful crystal was manufactured and if indeed it is Waterford Crystal at all. It may have the watermark, it may have the seahorse label, but how do you really know for sure if it is the genuine Waterford product, without an expert taking a look at it.

From pictures I have seen on eBay, so called Waterford Crystal is being purchased or sold at auction on a daily basis and pawned off to unsuspecting customers in a cruel manner. It makes my heart bleed to think of all these people that have been taken advantage of in this way and have bought “fake” Waterford Crystal that was manufactured in Poland, Slovenia, Germany and other European countries. Some of this crystal doesn’t even have a Waterford pattern or design, for example Lismore, Colleen, Donegal, etc. How these people are able to get away with this behavior is beyond belief and something really needs to done about it. Well now there is through expert analysis of a master.

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