Aerial Advertising – Worth Money or Waste of Money? Stop 2022

Aerial Advertising – Worth Money or Waste of Money?

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Business owners would think cost over thousands of times before opting for any approach for their advertising. It is a wise approach as the consumer responses mainly depend on the way you publicize your brand. This article will help you decide whether aerial advertising is worth for your money or not.

What is aerial advertising or airplane banner marketing?

It is the process of advertising your product or service using a small airplane, with a banner attached to it, flying over a specified area.

What are different types of aerial advertising?

There are three major types:

1) Aerial Billboards and Aerial Letter Banners
2) Skywriting
3) Blimps

What is the total cost?

Most of the people have this misconception that aerial marketing is costly. The approximate cost per thousand prospects is low. The major cost incurred is for the production banner, but it is a one-time cost and you can use the same banner anywhere, anytime you want.

What is the assurance that my message will reach the potential consumers?

You have total control over your ad campaign when you opt for aerial advertising. You can exactly specify the target market area which you deem has the maximum potential consumers.

What is the possible outcome?

The outcome is nothing but what you desire, maximum consumer responses. Surveys have shown that aerial ads increase up to 20% of consumer responses to a typical ad campaign.

Why should I prefer it to traditional media?

Traditional media is facing a steep decline over the last few years. Chances of your ad being ignored are very high when you opt for traditional media. Whereas if you go aerial, maximum people will perceive your message with a positive frame of mind and in a short time.

What type and size of business does it suit the best?

The type, size or nature does not matter when choosing for aerial ads, as it is equally productive for all types and sizes. You can specify a single market as well as you can carry out your ad campaign over all the major markets of the country. World’s largest organizations including McDonald’s, Fox News and Subway have used aerial ads for their campaigns while new starting businesses can also get a quick recognition via airplane ads.

How can I find a reliable aerial advertising company?

Easiest way to find a reliable aerial company is searching on the internet. Compare the services and prices offered by the different companies, also keep an eye on their experience. You can see the testimonials of their previous customer, if they were happy, you will also be satisfied. Make sure the company you are hiring offers its services all over the USA. It will save you extra money if the company offers a discount for their frequent flyers.

All these answers clearly show that aerial ads give you worth for your money. In fact you will get amazingly increased consumer responses and you will be earning many times the money you spent on your aerial advertising campaign!

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