Mastering the eBay Feedback System Stop 2022

Mastering the eBay Feedback System

Still 2022

Here are a few tips on mastering the eBay feedback system:

1. Often, people have to remind one another to leave feedback. Make the reminder when you send a note out to your customers to let them know that their package is in the mail. There is a space for a personal message when you print shipping labels through My eBay and PayPal; take advantage of it and remind buyers to leave feedback after their item arrives.

2. Study the feedback comments left by buyers for PowerSellers in your sales category who have high feedback numbers. See if you can judge for yourself what impresses buyers. It may be quick delivery, it may be good packaging, it may be a willingness to address special requests, or all of the above. Whatever it is, try to emulate it yourself.

3. Experienced sellers – especially those who depend on eBay sales for a regular source of income – often turn to instruction to make some extra money. They become teachers at local community colleges, telling their neighbors how to buy and sell on eBay. It is a great way to build your visibility and make new contacts as well.

4. Leave feedback for multiple users quickly. Yes it is nice to type a separate personalized comment for each person with whom you have done business. Type a standard comment such as “Great buyer; good communication; would sell to this person again.” Save it in a word processing program. Copy it, and go to your feedback page. Click Leave Feedback, and you will see a list of all the people you need to leave feedback for. Paste the comment in each box, then click Leave Feedback to leave all the comments at once.

5. Before you give blanket feedback comments to everyone on your feedback list, take a moment to think. Do some of those people have yet to pay for their items? Did you just send out the items? You do not want to leave feedback for a buyer who has yet to complete the transaction. Many sellers only leave feedback for people who have left feedback for them. Consider following this example yourself.

Giving feedback on eBay requires the right strategy and approach to ensure that you can always provide a good and fast feedback to your customers.

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