The End of a First Date Today 2022

The End of a First Date

Today 2022

The end of a first date can be confusing for a lot of guys as they’re dating women. You might be asking yourself (but not limited to) the following:

*Do I try to kiss her?
*Do I try to get invited in?
*Should I walk to her to the door?
*Do I ask her if she had a good time?
*Do I talk about another date with her?
*Is it appropriate to text her that night or Facebook her and let her know I’m thinking of her?
*Should I send flowers or another gift the next day?

Let’s take these one by one.

Do I try to kiss her?

Unless you’re not sure if she’s into you or not, then go for the kiss. I bet that sounds like advice that is the opposite of what you’d expect. The idea is to always take women that are into us and have them ANTICIPATE the next time that we are together with them. If she has laughed at all (or most) of your jokes, focused completely on you, brushed your arm or leg several times, and had those “lit up” eyes as she looks at you, then don’t try to kiss her. Wait until date 2 to go for the kiss. If she’s really into you, she’ll be at a fever pitch anticipating that “first kiss.”

However, if you have a girl that is acting kind of distant, doesn’t laugh or touch you, and is looking around the room as you’re talking, first of all end that date early and second, if you really want to make sure that she’s not into you, go for the kiss. I bet you get a turned head and then you can delete her number.

The kiss at the end of the first date should only be used to disqualify a girl you suspect is not interested.

Do I try to get invited in?

This article is for guys looking for a relationship. If a relationship isn’t something you’re into, then this advice isn’t for you.

For you guys looking for a relationship, the answer to the invited in question is NO. First of all, most every other guy tries it, and second, if you do get invited in, you think she’s a good relationship candidate? No, think you were the first guy she ever did that with? Right! I have a bridge to sell you if you believe that you were the only guy to check out her apartment after date 1.

Should I walk her to the door?

Wondering what to do at the end of a first date? Well, you better get by the first date! Getting a second date starts with employing a dating women strategy that works and you can do that by getting THE SYSTEM, which is the definitive guide for dating women and relationships, written by dating women expert (and my dating women radio co-host), Doc Love.

Yes, because you’re a gentleman.

Do I ask her if she had a good time?

No, because that shows a lack of confidence and you are telegraphing that you need her approval. You know she had a good time because she was with a true gentleman that made her laugh! Just tell her you had a good time.

Do I talk about another date with her?

NO! Women respond to CHALLENGE and MYSTERY. Think she can anticipate another date with you if you try to set it up as you’re dropping her off? When you ask a woman out on a date while you’re still on a date, do you know what she hears? “I like you, do you like me? I want to make sure you like me, please!”

That’s what she hears! And as she’s hearing that, she’s imagining your head on a puppy’s body panting your words out.

Be a MYSTERY, be a CHALLENGE and she’ll be thinking about you (in spite of her best efforts) between dates.

Is it appropriate to text her that night or Facebook her and let her know I’m thinking of her?

First of all, stay off of social media! You cannot be a mystery to her if she knows what you had for breakfast on your social media page. She might look at your page and think “he likes pop tarts? I hate pop tarts and guys that eat them.” All right, that might be an extreme example but the more information she has on you BEFORE you can be face to face with her is bad. You are a stranger to her and you don’t need to be putting information about yourself that could disqualify you before you even make it to date 1!

As far as contacting her right after the date, I’m sure you know that I am against that because it kills MYSTERY, CHALLENGE and her anticipating another date with you.

Should I send flowers or another gift the next day?

You know what one of the only categories of books that are still doing well is? Romance novels for women. The guy with the flowing hair that charges up on the white horse and scoops her up is what a lot of women are buying and eating up these days.

Think the man on the horse sends roses the next day to her work with a card telling her how much he likes her?

I think not.

Again, this kills MYSTERY and CHALLENGE!

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