How to Put Videos on PSP? Today 2022

How to Put Videos on PSP?

Today 2022

Entertainment has reached a different level after the invention of the PSP short for Play Station Portable, the gaming console. To use it you need to upload videos on it and there may be more than one method used to do it. One of the methods that is mostly used has about seven or eight simple steps. Following them appropriately you can successfully put a video of your choice on your PSP.

The first step would involve in having the following to upload one on any PSP. You would have to have a memory stick. This memory stick or card would decide how long a video you can upload so you can have one about half or one gigabyte which will have ample space for the videos to be stored in it. Also you will need a personal computer or a laptop connected to the internet with a reasonably good speed and a USB cable to connect the two.

The next step after collecting these would be to connect the PSP which should have been kept turned off to the computer through the USB cable that you have got. Once connected properly you can switch on the PSP. Subsequently, in the PSP you can go to the settings menu and select USB connection. Press X and this will help you boot the USB to the computer. This is an important step as you can see without this the data cannot be transferred. This will appear as an untitled extra removable drive which we can call X.

Then you need to open the memory card wherein you will find a folder named PSP. This will have four subfolders and each has a unique name. The first one is named “Games”, another one as “Music”, the next is “Saved data”, and the last one “Photo”. Now you need to create another folder at the same level as the PSP and you should name it MP_ROOT.

After doing all this successfully without any error you need to create another folder inside this MP_ROOT folder that you created and name it 100MNV01. To this folder you will have to add your favorite videos that you want to have in your PSP. All the videos should be in the MP4 format only then they can be added. Either choose the already converted MP4 videos to upload them or you need to convert them to the MP4 format. This is simple and can be done in some easy steps.

After your favorite videos in the MP4 format are selected you can go ahead with the next step of adding the videos and their accompanying thumbnails to this folder. By clicking the thumbnail you can play the videos successfully.

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