SEO Article Writing Tips – Optimizing Your Article for Search Engines Today 2022

SEO Article Writing Tips – Optimizing Your Article for Search Engines

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There are various types of writing as far as the internet is concerned. SEO writing according to experts has a huge demand because that is where the true goldmines lie. If you’ve been searching for some quality SEO article writing tips, the paragraphs below may be of help to you.

Attractive Title

The first thing that prompts your prospects to read your article is the title. You need to format your article to attract clicks. Don’t make it bored or too long. Include your primary keyword and start with it. Take a look at the title of this informative post and see how I formatted mine. No matter how great the content of your article is, if you fail to attract your targeted prospects through effective title, no eyeballs would read it.

Write a Specific Description

When someone actually clicks to read your article, the first impression could keep or chase them out. Your description or what some people refer to as summary is very important. Tell the reader what he/she will gain by reading your article. If need be, tell them what they will not get so they will make the right decision beforehand. Telling stories does not help in modern writing because the competition is strong. A click away from your article will land the user to another that delivers almost instantly.

Place Relevant Keywords

Take note, there is a difference between keyword stuffing and keyword rich articles. The former is a total waste of time and it’s not going to get you results. Put your keyword on the title, on the first, second and third paragraph and obey the 3% keyword density rule. Another seo article writing tip is to format your article using LSI (latent semantic indexing). Find other related keywords on your niche and use them on your articles. Ensure your keywords flow naturally so you don’t get a red flag from Google.

Write Quality Articles

I forget to mention this earlier but it’s very important. Quality has no rival if you must succeed as a writer. Before you embark on any writing work, do your researches accordingly; visit niche forums to get answers to FAQ? Read the products sales copy and take note of the benefits. All these will assist you in creating quality content that brings profit.

You can make a living writing articles and publishing online, but the road map to achieve this feat is getting such articles indexed and highly placed on search engines.

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