Positive Affirmations Using YouTube Discover 2022

Positive Affirmations Using YouTube

Still 2022

Internet marketing calls for understanding the mind, with respect to it’s surrounding environment. There is no need for diabolical, sneaky or tricky behavior. Consider these positive affirmations using YouTube. Advertising can be challenging and deserves respect. The concept of supply and demand is relevant, to YouTube marketing. Simply understand what you are selling and find a match, with a prospect’s desire. Doing that was quite a task, before the Internet developed. People would sail the seven seas. Marketers would fly around the world. There are still sales people traveling for sales. Why would they travel? It’s probably because they haven’t come to a total understanding of web power.

Personal contact is ultimately a powerful sales tactic, with limits. How many people can you personally contact in a given day? There may be the expense of plane tickets, hotel bills, meals etc. Marketers use the Internet for easily making new contacts. Expenses are minimized using the Internet. You can discreetly make personal contact after your web connection. YouTube is an excellent platform for meeting people. The video element can give a detailed description of people and things. You may analyze all you want. Nothing beats seeing things, with your own eyes. The saying pictures speak a thousand words is quite relevant here. Radio, paper media, even telephone communication is great, but I applaud and truly admire video.

Video communication is seriously appreciated, after living through the age of Xerox and telephones. Today’s youth may not thoroughly understand the incredible value of web promotion. I remember beepers and message boards. That was before Windows 95. Many of you assume video sharing was always here. The changing of industry and technology has an effect upon the human psyche. I can also say the changing of the human psyche has an effect upon technology. That makes an industry change.The days of putting up a sign and selling lemonade have past, although there are some still trying to do just that.

Tradition can impede progress. I relate to a typical brick and mortar store. I’m referring to your pizza parlor. I like pizza in the morning and there are probably a lot of other folk who have the same taste. The pizza store owner would achieve morning profits, if he or she went beyond tradition. Supply and demand is a common relationship and tradition creates limits upon its progress. Many of us are too caught up in tradition. Some are not in the business at the correct time of day. That’s sad and also ridiculous. An Internet store usually stays open twenty-four hours per day. The so-called pizza store can’t do that. The impeding issue may be the cost of operation. A classic pizza man figures the cost of having hot pizza available 24 hrs daily is disproportionate, to the amount of customers rendering profit. You’ll need an employee, unless you install a vending machine. The guy at Seven Eleven has their store open day, night and sells a variety of things. The idea here is each hour brings a different type of customer. There are many ways you can look at making sales.

Connected to a sales link is comparable to a worldwide vending machine. You can do a video to attract who ever. Make them thirsty, hungry or what have you. Then direct them to your solution. Your solution is your point of sale. It’s that simple. Doing one video may be enough for perhaps Soulja Boy or Lady GaGa. You’ll probably need to do several videos accompanied by a considerable amount of promotion, in order to generate income. Promoting your video can be free. The only cost is time and energy; this is where your mind can play a major role once again, for the advancement of your financial freedom. Remember for every piece of quality content you submit to the web, you will be rewarded by its presence one way or another. The more content you submit, the more recognition you get. I spoke of 3rd party recognition in my other writing and I will speak of it again here. People can see you clearly via search engine. It’s common for a person to submit a keyword or phrase into the search engine, to get a response. This is how people find things. You connect with these people upon being seen in the search engine. How do you get seen in the search engine is a marketer’s quest. Here is how to accomplish being seen without spending money. Use 3rd party endorsement. This is a simple concept. Who can be used as your 3rd party endorser? The answer to this question is the subject of college courses. Find viable solutions and you have free publicity.

Selling your products or services via YouTube is what others may want to do as well. You have the option to create your own affiliate program. ClickBank creates the mechanism for your own affiliate program. They will give you a unique coded link. Use YouTube, to attract people to your unique ClickBank link. You’ll see other videos on your page as others will see your videos on their page. Give your affiliates examples, to promote their link. You may want to create banners and sequenced email messages. You can actually do as I’m doing now. Give article-marketing instructions. Having an army of marketers selling your product or service is a wonderful thing. The commission you offer is what you determine. You can afford to give your affiliates a great commission and still make out well. ClickBank actually does the math for you. All you have to do is tell them what percent you want to give your affiliates or you can choose a set amount of the sales. ClickBank also deals with charge backs. That’s why I like ClickBank as they are a full service affiliate broker working honestly. They benefit both sides of their transactions. YouTube can work in conjunction with affiliate programs like ClickBank. This is what I call a profitable blend.

Positive affirmations using YouTube include the Partner program. You may already know that you must have at least a few hundred thousand channel views, in order to get reasonable payment. It works out that YouTube pays roughly pennies on each hundred channel views. This means you must create an interesting channel. There are so many directions you can go. It may interest you that the most popular channels are basically nonsense. You have Ray William Johnson on top, at the time of this writing. He’s doing a mad take off on Howard Stern, although Ray started out looking like some crazy kid ranting. I don’t know what to think anymore about what people like. The rationale is usually madness. This does not mean you have to be mad in order for people to like you. It would behoove you to take a look at what is trending on YouTube, so that you can get a feel for what you are embarking upon. No matter what you do, you will need production skills. You can actually begin as an armature and develop. You don’t need a camera. You can use slide shows with a free Windows program entitled “Movie Maker.” You can, of course make standard video. Standing in front of a camera and talking usually works.

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