Article Marketing Impact – Here’s Why Your YouTube Videos Are Starving For Traffic Today 2022

Article Marketing Impact – Here’s Why Your YouTube Videos Are Starving For Traffic

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Are your YouTube videos starving for traffic?

Article marketing is one of the best ways to build quality traffic to your website, your blog, your Squidoo lens…and why not your YouTube Videos too?

After you’ve recorded and published your video on YouTube or any other video sharing websites, you don’t just abandon it to faith. Your video will not become popular by itself, you have to put in some effort and do some marketing to it.

This doesn’t have to be a difficult thing either.

Not so long ago it was very easy to increase your view count of YouTube video, taking you to the top of most viewed videos of the day, week, month etc. People would cheat by using cron jobs to start the video view count instantly. However, those tricks are not so easy to do now, which is a good thing because it levels the playing field to reality.

Let’s now take a quick look at one way we can increase your YouTube video count effectively, and not by cheating.

Did you know you could use articles to fire up the traffic count for your videos? And at the same time get people more interested in your offer?

As you already know videos are a great way to build quality traffic, also what better way for you to have people click on your resource box than to ask them to watch a free video from you?

Here’s one tip for you.

Next time you make a video that’s supposed to motivate people into some form of action, (either to buy from you, to opt in to your website, or just to know you) you can write an article on a related topic, obviously one that targets the same crowd, and in your resource box, have people click to watch your video.

The result:

1 – You’ll increase your viewer count on YouTube; this can spiral into more traffic if your video reaches the “most viewed” section where people like to visit a lot.

2 – You’ll build a relationship quicker using the power of video.

3 – You’ll get more clicks from your resource box since everyone loves videos.

That’s one tip for you… Go on, try it, and tell me the result. Maybe you haven’t yet been able to take advantage of article marketing yet. Is this something you’d like to learn?

There’s more where these tips came from.

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