Auction Sites Other Than eBay Today 2022

Auction Sites Other Than eBay

Still 2022

Many people are looking for auction sites other than eBay to sell or buy items. eBay has been imposing all sorts of new fee’s and raising them over time, combine this with the user base is getting worse also. So here are some alternatives that you can try out, there are some gems in here. We wanted to list some states as well as features (As of 2011), sites are not listed in order of importance. – Ebid has been in the auction game along time (since 1998) and they have steadily grown over time. They now have a huge user base and great listing prices. There listing prices are free and you can buy options like 7 cents for bold all the way up to $2.50 for homepage listing.

Registration – Free

Listing – Free

Add-ons minimal

Traffic – 256k People a month

Final Value Fee – 3% really low compared to most – is growing in popularity for the fact they have everything free, free listings, free added pictures, free everything. The way they can get away with this is they have advertisers that pay for the sites upkeep and profits. So if you won’t mind a little advertising then you will probably really enjoy this site.

Registration – Free

Listing – Free

Add-on -Free

Traffic – 145k People a month

Final Value Fee – Free

Online – is a great eBay alternative and has some pretty good user feedback. The basic membership is free, you can bid and buy for free. But for sellers there is an $8/month charge, which isn’t anything when you realize there are no final value fees. So the only fees your going to be charged are the $8/month. It’s easy to use and has great customer service.

Registration – Free

Listing – Free with 8/month to sell

Add-on – Free

Traffic – 124k People a month

There are some auction sites other than eBay that do have buyers and sellers and a great thriving community. Some good tips are try a few different ones if you’re a buyer or seller and you can find some real gems in there.

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