How To Give Head In Three Easy Steps Still 2022

How To Give Head In Three Easy Steps

Still 2022

When you see your man’s penis in front of your face do you freeze up and just don’t know what to do? Don’t worry it is actually a common problem first woman. Honestly it doesn’t matter if you have sucked a hundred penises or none at all. Every one of them is different and takes a little getting use to. However, most men will tell you that they have rarely been with a woman who could suck their penis really good. And when they did find that girl who knew how to give good blowjobs, they would make sure they kept her close. So whatever your reasons or experience are this short guide on learning how to give head should help you along.

The Rush

This is a big problem for a lot of women. As soon as they remove their man’s pants they jump right in and begin sucking. That is great for quickies and unusual encounters, but for a great slow blowjob, this is not the way to go. You have to begin to master the art of the blowjob, which is all about being seductive and sensual. You want to get your man undressed and tease him for a little bit. Kiss his inner thighs, around his groin, but never the penis. Get as close to it as possible without ever touching it. During this phase you can blow on the tip of it and the rest of his penis for an incredible sensation as well. Take your time to massage your man’s body, making sure you use your body at this time as well. An excellent move is to massage his chest and let your breasts glide up and over his penis multiple times. So always remember to slow it down, once you see the tip of his penis becoming wet, you can move on.

The Saliva

Once you get him hard and wet you are ready to begin to give him head. You want to make sure your mouth is really wet and you have a lot of saliva built up. A good way to be certain of this, is if you know you are going to be giving your man head that day, drink a lot of water. You should be drinking a lot of water anyway, so this is just an added benefit. You want your blowjob to be as wet and messy as possible. The wetter you can get his penis the better off you will be. If you find that you have a hard time producing a lot of saliva, you can always use an edible lubricant. Many adult novelty stores sell multiple flavors to make it easier to suck a penis. When your mouth is wet enough or you have applied the lubrication to his penis, you are ready to move on.

The Suck

Now it is showtime! To begin, all you want to do is hold the shaft of his penis with one hand and slowly insert his penis into your mouth. If you are new to blowjobs are just starting over, just take the tip of it in your mouth. You want to just suck on the head of the penis for now. Use your tongue to go around the tip and just explore. Take your hand and slowly begin to stroke his shaft very slowly. If you are comfortable enough you can begin to take a little more of his penis into your mouth at a time. If he begins to thrust into you, just take your free hand and hold down the base around his penis. As you take more of his penis into your mouth just keep using your tongue to explore his shaft. And don’t be afraid to use hard pressure with your tongue on the shaft either.

The Happy Ending

All good things must come to an end, as will his blowjob. You will begin to tell when he is about to ejaculate as he starts to thrust faster, moans more or even by his penis getting bigger. The best piece of advice I can give you is to finish it right. Just go as deep as comfortable for you and let him ejaculate in you mouth, as soon as he ejaculates just swallow quickly. Don’t even think twice about it. After you have swallowed, just look at your man, smile and tell him how good he was. I swear that is the perfect ending of a blowjob for any man.
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