Melinda Doolittle – The American Idol for Season Six Today 2022

Melinda Doolittle – The American Idol for Season Six

Still 2022

I like being entertained and if you have been watching this seasons’ Idols in competition, you will probably agree with me and think they should just hand over the crown to Melinda DooLittle now.

Yahoo TV is reporting an October 7th, 1977 date of birth for DooLittle. Which happens to be a date that is very near to last years winner Taylor Hicks’ date of birth. But Hicks has several different sites reporting inconsistencies on his date of birth. Some sources are saying it was 10/6/76, while others are saying it is 10/7/76, and still yet there are others that say it was on the 8th, and even one site reported January 24…

…and it is really driving this stargazer nuts, I mean really, you are either born on the 6th or the 7th, in October or January. I am wondering how these folks make it to work on time.

Anyway, getting back to Melinda DooLittle, and hoping that Yahoo TV got her birth data right, I took a look at DooLittles’ stars for 10/07/77 in Brentwood, TN at sunrise.

Melinda is having what is called in astrology her Saturn Return. It simply means that the planet Saturn, in its transit right now, is coming to pass the same exact position it held when Melinda was born.

This astrological occurrence (Saturn Return) usually happens for all of us around the ages of 28, 29, and 30. It is a time when we want to do what we came here to do. We want to quit messin’ around and get down to life’s business. This Saturn Return for Melinda is happening in the sign of Leo–and the sign of Leo is the sign that rules talent, creativity, and the stage. Being an American Idol contestant is perfectly fitting.

Now although Melinda has her progressed Moon moving through the sign of Leo and ready to conjunct her natally placed Saturn–and that is a very good thing for Melinda as it gets her recognition (Saturn) as a stage performing powerhouse (Leo) with massive popularity (Moon) –but I am just not sure if that is enough to get her the crown.

I was hoping to see several favorable transits from Jupiter to her natal and progressed planets as was with past season idol winners. Especially when I don’t trust the American Idol voting process. I mean really, they make such a big deal over these voting numbers each week but never a big deal of how these numbers are exactly processed –and so, when you know that an anagram for the phrase AMERICAN IDOL is DEMONIC LIAR it sort of leaves one, at least me, in an doubtful frame of mind as to the voting integrity of American Idol. Oh, but I still watch each week. I told you, I like to be entertained, and this Melinda DooLittle knows all about delivery and entertaining.

Now speaking of anagrams the letters in the name MELINDA DOOLITTLE when rearranged become ALL-TIME NOTED IDOL. Ya gotta love it.

So I am thinking, perhaps the time of Melinda’s birth will place transitting Jupiter accordingly–like on her ascendant or midheaven–and she will be our next American Idol. Or perhaps this other anagram I found ELIMINATED TO DOLL will come into play meaning that one of the younger gals beat her out. Gina or Jordan come to mind.

Whether Doolittle is meant to have the Idol crown or not (which only an exact time of her birth will tell for sure) there is one thing for certain–her life from here on in will not be the same…

…as Melinda’s progressed Sun has just moved over progressed Uranus and is getting hit with a trining transit from Uranus. So there is will one surprise after the other for Melinda. And one way or the other, voted in or voted off, Melinda DooLittle will be in a recording studio somewhere belting out one goose-bump song after the next. Oh my, but wait…

…I just noticed one more thing. The planet Neptune, which is the planet that inspires music, measures 13 degrees of Sagittarius at Melinda’s birth, which in total degrees of celestial longitude measures to become the number 253. This number 253 can become the date 5/23 , which this year happens to fall on a Wednesday, which is after Tuesday, which is a date that has in the past been very near the date when other American Idols got their crown.

I guess we will just have to wait and see if MELINDA DOOLITTLE and the name anagram DOMINATE IDOL TELL will put her at the finale.

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