Review of Sydney Johnston’s Using EBay to Add Customers to Your Mailing List from The System Seminar Today 2022

Review of Sydney Johnston’s Using EBay to Add Customers to Your Mailing List from The System Seminar

Today 2022

Sydney started off giving her background of selling on eBay since the winter of 1996. She used to sell physical products but doesn’t do that any more. She is a business partner with her son Jeremy who is a programmer. Sydney shared that Jeremy and she were making good money selling physical products but had to keep pushing at it. Now she makes money on autopilot with a passive income strategy.

She started the main part of her presentation by asking “What is EBay”. And then proceeded to tell us, “It’s not an auction site; it’s a giant search engine that a few hundred million people use to list their products”.

Sydney said to use EBay to get leads period. Success on EBay is about the back end. She said to quit thinking about making money on EBay by just selling stuff.

Sydney then explained John Reese’s Virtual Real Estate model and that she likes it. She then proceeded to explain the Tier A,B,C classification of websites.

Tier A sites are authority sites which require a lot of attention. Tier C sites are simple websites with the goal of earning just $10 per day. She then showed AsthmaAnswersOnline as a Tier C site. Tier B sites are like a Tier C site but with more chances to earn money and they always have a newsletter.

She then said to choose a niche and figure out your competition. She said YOU determine the niche and YOU do the keyword research. Then you can automate the rest.

Sydney’s Wealth Plan is as follows:

Step 1. Make Your Plan

Step 2. Build Your Tier C Site

Step 3. Monetize Your Site with AdSense or Your Own Info Products (Sydney said she doesn’t write a word of her info products). She said that she has a lot of Tier C sites, and a few will explode then you can turn them into Tier B sites to monetize them even more (with drop shipping, etc).

Step 4. Promote Your Site

Step 5. Put Your Site on Autopilot

Sydney talked about how she drives traffic to her Tier C sites: EBay and Search Engines. She said that she ranks well in the search engines thanks to article writing and then referenced Tim Gorman who you can read about in my review of Tim’s talk. Here is the link to the review of Tim’s talk:

Sydney then went into a bunch of reasons why you should use eBay for leads. Several reasons she gave were:

1. EBay has a humongous membership.

2. Your competition isn’t really competitive. They don’t get it.

3. EBay is so much cheaper than pay per click.

4. Nobody has the vaguest idea of what you are doing and can therefore copy you.

Sydney shared that her ideal keyword criteria are 30 searches per day minimum, under 25,000 competitors, and an AdSense keyword payout of $2-$10.

When you build your site, she said, it doesn’t have to be a big deal. Have your articles centered around long tailed keywords. Then write 10-15 articles and put them on your site.

Sydney went on to describe what long tailed keywords are. Golf Tournament Gifts is her example of a good long tail keyword phrase.

Sydney then shared how to promote your website by taking a Private Label Rights ebook, cleaning it up and selling it on ebay.

There was a lot of good information in her talk. The most exciting part for this author is where she described how to put the whole thing on autopilot.

Sydney shared the resource Inkfrog.Com, and that this service is under $10 per month and will auto relist your products. This way you can have them out there and you don’t have to think about them for a long long time.

So to summarize Sydney’s plan, it’s as follows:

1. Find your niche

2. Build your small Tier C site with 15 articles

3. Monetize your site with AdSense for example

4. Promote your site on eBay and with article writing

5. Put it on autopilot with

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