Amazon Kindle Vs ASUS EEE Still 2022

Amazon Kindle Vs ASUS EEE

Today 2022

Let’s make one thing clear. There is no choice for the majority of people in the world as the Amazon Kindle is only available in the USA and its always-on Internet connection is only available in the USA.

For those who live in the USA there is now a clear choice of buying either an ASUS EEE sub-notebook PC or an Amazon Kindle. The Microsoft XP-based EEE versions are a recent addition to the family, until then both the Kindle and the EEE ran on Linux-based operating systems.

The Kindle is a dedicated machine with a few extras. The Kindle is designed to be the reader for your ebooks purchased from Amazon. You’ll get a discount on the ebooks but it seems that the cost of $399 will take a ling time to recoup even with discounts off the latest titles to hit the bookstores. When you add the cost of paying for blogs and newspapers that you can access for free on the Internet then it looks very expensive. You should remember that most major newspapers have their own websites where articles and pictures are presented in full color. The web sites are mostly available for free. You can receive your e-mails on the Kindle but again you are charged for the privilege. You can also have an eBook converted into a format readable by the Kindle and you will be charged for the privilege. Your access to the Internet is restricted to within the USA.

The ASUS is a full sub-notebook PC. You have Wi-Fi installed so you can connect to the Internet at any Wi-Fi hotspot in the world. You have an Internet browser. Firefox is the browser on the Linux-based one and you will find that is very much better than Internet Explorer. You can call your friends using Skype. The ASUS EEE has integrated microphone and speakers as well as a webcam so no carrying around loads of extras. The unit weighs in at around 2 lbs which allows the weakest of us can carry it. On the Linux version the office package is provided by OpenOffice, the Open source competitor for MS Office. On the Windows version it is MS Works. A full QWERTY keyboard and a 7″ monitor make a very compelling package. The 4G solid state hard drive may be seen as a limitation but take with you a selection of SD cards, some with music, and others with books to read and you will not find it to be any limitation at all.

The battle lines are drawn. Do you want a full personal computer with a color screen in a small size? OK! I admit the keys are small and close together. Or do you want simply a monochrome eBook reader where the pictures and graphical images on your newspaper have been removed as the Kindle screen cannot show them.

I’ll admit that the Kindle with its new power-saving screen and dedicated features would be an attractive proposition if the price was lower, but with there being no price difference between the Kindle and a fully specified sub-notebook PC, even if it is one that runs Linux, there seems to be very little contest between the two.

Go out and find a computer store selling the ASUS EEE and take a look at the clarity of the small color screen. Take a look at the keyboard and decide if you can type on the keyboard. Then find out which of your friends has a Kindle (that’s right folks at present, the Kindle is only sold online) and see what it looks like and what the results are when blogs and newspapers are shown on it.

Take your choice.

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