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Even as reports that Google has gained market share in the U.S. for the ninth consecutive month poured in, we hear that their C.E.O. Eric Schmidt said that India and not China would be where the Internet’s future will be played out. He says that Hindi will be the third big language on the Net with English and Chinese.

This is heartening news for us Indian’s using the web for a host of different applications. As India’s net penetration increases so will the various services available online. Google has now 43.1% of the U.S. online search market. MSN and Yahoo are trying hard to catch up but Google seems to be miles ahead at the moment. Their simplicity in terms of user interface or rather their homepage, which remains uniquely very basic, might also have something to do with it.

Of course the reason why people keep going back, is the quality of search results that the engine spins out. If the backend technology were not highly advanced then the results would not be up to the mark.

So should MSN and Yahoo give up? Not necessarily, if they are persistent enough over a period of time they can take market share back from Google but it won’t be easy. They have deep enough pockets so that’s a big plus. The problems that lie for the current leader of the pack, in the future are mainly the result of its amazing success. Countries like China where Net use is growing very fast and a big growth market of Google have muzzled the service. Certain “sensitive” content has been kept away from the citizens, for how long is anyone’s guess. Technology always finds ways to overcome barriers and so the story goes.

Yahoo too has had similar problems and practices the mantra of Self-Censorship. All this will hurt the users sentiment. People using the Internet today fiercely fight for their freedom. If these huge companies that play a key role on the web are seen to be playing in to the hands of the Authoritative Regimes then their business will suffer in the long run.

Googles run in the with the Chinese authorities not so long ago could well have been another reason Mr. Schmidt has predicted the greater role India shall play on the World Wide Web after all freedom is the very backbone the Internet rides on.

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