Can a Person Come Back As a Pet After Death or Can an Animal Come Back As a Human? Still 2022

Can a Person Come Back As a Pet After Death or Can an Animal Come Back As a Human?

Today 2022

Every living thing humans, animals, rocks, trees, water all have a specific energy pattern or electromagnetic vibrational frequency range that sustains the physical form it inhabits. Energy can easily reform at a like or lower level.

What is the difference between human energy and animal energy? A healthy human frequency has a range of 68- 72 MHz FYI; each organ in your body had a specific vibrational identity. Vibrational medicine uses this information to address, correct and reconfigure unhealthy energy patterns in a person in order to resolve health problems.

Animal energy frequencies vibrate at a lower MHz level than human energy. That does not make them a lesser being. They simply have a lower frequency pattern to sustain their biological housing.

Can a pet reincarnate as a human? After almost 20 years of research and experience, animals do not usually reincarnate in human form because an animal’s biological body has a lower electromagnetic frequency range than that of a human being.

Energy is not normally able to reformulate into a higher frequency than the original spirit. However in the Yogic transmigration belief of reincarnation there are 8.4 million life times that souls evolve through from beginning to end. This process starts with a single cell’s life ands continues until that cell reaches the highest evolution possible which is considered to be a human form. This Yogic transmigration system also believes in due time an animal will eventually evolve into human form.

Using their transmigration theory, the Yogic belief implies that some animal souls prematurely skip several lifetimes in order to become a human before they have completed the incremental evolutionary process. This means that animal spirit moved into a higher biological body before their soul had learned the necessary spiritual lessons required to be evolved into a human being. Yogic believers consider that these under evolved reincarnated souls exhibit excessive “animal like” qualities when they are in human form.

As you are reading, keep in mind to always go with your inner guidance and what resonates with you.

The physical body that each soul chooses to inhabit must be in a frequency range that the soul can sustain for that specific lifetime. Example: a flower can’t be a human, because its soul’s normal frequency range does not match the final form it wants to exist in.

Do humans come back as pets? Most pets that you might want to think is a human you once knew, is simply the process of that human’s spirit over souling your pet. Though rare, there can always be exceptions to any rule.

Most humans who have evolved to the highest frequency do not want to go down to a pet’s vibrational range. That’s why they arrange an over soul agreement with the pet. Over souling saves a lot of electromagnetic re organization in order to re inhabit that animal’s body. Over souling occurs when a living pet agrees to take direction from a deceased animal or person.

Although over soul agreements may seem like a reincarnation, it’s not! A pet being “over souled” makes you think “he acts like my old pet or ex husband” by displaying some recognizable characteristics. However, an “over soul” pet does not ignite that deep and certain knowing that “this IS my reincarnated pet or old girlfriend.”

Think about it, why would a human want to completely rewire their energy blueprint in order to fit into a lower resonance body with a shorter life span?
All that person’s soul has to do is create a contract with your pet to direct and influence all of the consenting animal’s activities. That way your favorite person or pet, while still enjoying Heaven, is still connected to you and your daily activities. The over soul process is so much easier than being rewired. Plus it accomplishes the same outcome!

Always remember, no soul whether a cellular organism, animal or human form is greater or lesser than the other. All of their respective vibrational energy and frequency patterns are part of the Universal evolutionary process.


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