Professional Virtual Assistants Share Best Tips on How to Write Effective Amazon Listings Still 2022

Professional Virtual Assistants Share Best Tips on How to Write Effective Amazon Listings

Still 2022

The listing description is the key factor for a successful Amazon business. As we know “face is the index of the mind”, so as the listing description is the index for your product put up for sale and your business background. Effective Listing Description attracts and motivates your buyers, and in turn improves your sales.

Here are some simple but useful tips to create or enhance your item listing description. Usually, the listing descriptions are evaluated in terms of two major criteria – presentation and the content.

Presentation should be neat and clear:

• Use font styles that are upright and that give a professional look to your listing. “Times New Roman” is highly recommended for such listings.

• The font sizes should be legible so that it’s much easier to read on all sorts computer.

• Choose mild colors for backgrounds and black or dark grey colors for text. Highlight the important features (special offers / free gifts etc) in different color so that it drives the buyers’ attention right away.

• Proper usage of sub headings, bulleting & numbering would make the listing easy and interesting to read.

• Use appropriate images that can depict your product well.

Content should be simple and self explanatory:

• The listing description should be short and sweet and should cover all the necessary information.

• Give a listing title which is keyword rich, (ie) words that the buyers would use to search for your item.

• Make sure the description is grammatically correct and punctuation, capitalization, spaces are used appropriately.

• The item description should be clear and informative, so that it could answer almost all the questions of a buyer while looking into it. The item description should include the following-

  • Name of the product
  • Colors (if any), Size and weight of the product
  • Special features & directions for how to use the product
  • Detailed shipping / handling chart which should explain the various shipping methods and their corresponding charges.
  • The expected time for shipping the product and the stipulated time for product delivery
  • Combined shipping discounts (if any)

• Define the return policies clearly, and the procedure to return the purchase item. This would gain confidence on your business amongst the buyers.

• Ensure that the details like mode of payment, buyers’ responsibility for taxes and customs charges are mentioned correctly.

• Mention the defects (if any), date of manufacturing, expiry date, warranty (if applicable) etc for the item.

Virtual Personal Assistants follow these simple steps for creating an effective listing description for online business Clients.
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