Lawyer Marketing – How to Leverage Social Media to Get Exposure For Your Blog Still 2022

Lawyer Marketing – How to Leverage Social Media to Get Exposure For Your Blog

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If a lawyer asks me how to use Facebook, Twitter, and other services to generate more clients, one of the first things I ask is if they have a blog. Even though social media can be very powerful promotional tools, having a blog gives you something to promote.

Advertising for lawyers with your blog: How fast can I get results?

I think all of us would prefer the shorter easier path if given the option. Unfortunately, this isn’t the best route to take for lawyer marketing with social networks. Even though posting an update on Twitter or Facebook can share your thoughts with others, it doesn’t provide the depth that writing a good blog post does. One of the best uses of social media is sharing your blog posts with other Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn users.

If your lawyer marketing efforts are simply status updates on Twitter and Facebook, without any longer, thought out content of your own, then you will be making comments about many things, but adding nothing of substance to the conversation.

When you are active in social media, publishing frequent blog posts offers two important advantages:

1. The ability to share your blog with the community. By offering your ideas and thoughts, people will learn more about what you have to offer. This will drive traffic to your blog where they will be more likely to inquire about your services.

2. You will become a thought leader in your field. Commenting on social networks can’t compete with the substance and depth you can produce through a blog.

One thing to think about is that you still have to put forth an effort to produce great content with your blog. If you write thought provoking material, you will see success in the promotion of this content through social media outlets.

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