Facebook Cash Generator Review – A Product by Kevin Young Stop 2022

Facebook Cash Generator Review – A Product by Kevin Young

Still 2022

Facebook Cash Generator is a brand new product, released on January 16th 2011. As with all big product launches you are probably wondering whether or not this is a high quality product and more importantly, will it really help you to make money?

Read this brief Facebook Cash Generator review to find out whether or not it is right for you.

In a nutshell, this video course will teach you exactly how you can make money using a combination of Facebook and the ClickBank affiliate program. If you use Facebook, you may have already noticed that it displays targeted image ads while you are browsing.

Kevin’s course shows you how you can use these ads to advertise products that Facebook users are looking for. If someone clicks on one of your ads and decides to purchase you’ll be rewarded with a commission of up to 75% from ClickBank.

This sounds very easy, but there are a lot of mistakes that can be made and it is easy to run up a big advertising bill or get your ads shutdown if you don’t know what you are doing.

Kevin’s course is in video format and consists of 6 modules. Despite being only 18 years of age, Kevin is extremely knowledgeable about Facebook advertising and internet marketing in general and presents everything in an easy going and interesting manner.

He covers the following

– Introduction to Facebook and ClickBank (making this course suitable for newbies)

– How to discover a passionate market and find a top selling product

– How to create Facebook ads that get good click through rates

– A step by step setup of a Facebook ad campaign

– How to use a tool to create ads in 30 seconds

– Special tips to maximise your CTR, conversion and some great secret tips that would normally take you months of experimentation to figure out.

In addition to the video course there are also some great free bonus downloads and videos and he includes some actual sample Facebook ads in a variety of different niches.

Overall, I loved this course and would happily recommend it both to newbies who want to find a good way to earn some income without the need for a website and also to more experienced marketers who are looking for new ways to earn money or advertise their products on Facebook.


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