Why a Custom Facebook Fanpage Is Important to the Image of Your Business Today 2022

Why a Custom Facebook Fanpage Is Important to the Image of Your Business

Today 2022

Facebook is one of the most popular web services online. Certainly you probably already have a presence on Facebook for your business, but do you have a fan page? Or, better yet, a custom fan page; (other wise called a landing page), to promote your business image, and most importantly your brand? Chances are probably not. Even more so, it has come to light that most small businesses are establishing their company’s Facebook presence improperly, meaning they are simply establishing profiles. Just to clarify;”profiles” are for people, “pages,” are for business, organizations etc.

Facebook fan pages have become essential to building awareness for your brand or product and gaining exposure to more people efficiently on the world’s largest social network. But as more and more people start implementing Facebook as a marketing strategy to help promote their businesses, standing apart from your competition becomes increasingly important. Did you know? Facebook is now the top source of traffic on the web? More over, its projected to reach an incredible 1 billion users this year. Yes, that’s right I said 1 Billion users!

So in short, what are the benefits to a custom fan page for your business on Facebook?

· I: Create a branded identity on the social web

· II: Drive more Traffic to your business

· III: Impress your fans with video / Media

· IV: Advertise your services / Sell your product

Still need more reasons I’ve got seven more for you:

1) Emphasize a Call to Action.

A landing page talks directly to visitors who haven’t liked your page yet. Your call to action can show who you are and direct the visitor to take action by liking your page in exchange for a coupon, a whiter paper, a free downloadable e-book, or an industry related newsletter. You can use a custom landing page as a way to extend the reach of your lead generating efforts.

2) Makes Your Business Personable

Facebook business pages look-alike. They are all plain and use the generic layout provided by Facebook. A well designed custom landing page makes your business stand out and in the same time it helps you connect to your audience and reinforce your brand.

3) First Impressions Count

Your company’s landing page is going to be the first impression that you make on a potential customer. It takes seven seconds for people to create a lasting impression. Don’t let your Facebook page impression for your brand be a bad one. Impress your visitors with a well designed landing page that screams “I care for my visitors”.

4) Make Your “Like” Button Visible

Sure enough, generic Facebook pages have a “Like” button. For some people however it is hard to find that button. Plus that on mobile devices it is hard to locate the “Like” button. Why not then make it super visible and easy for your visitors to click on it as soon as they arrive on your page.

5) Showcase Your Creativity

Your Facebook page can show your visitors that you are creative or that you have a sense of humor. Our Facebook page for example is completely content driven. We chose to be creative and personable. Walmart is probably employs one of the most creative uses for their fan page.

6) Inform Visitors

It is to be expected that some of the people visiting your Facebook page may not know what your page or business is about (unless you are Steve Jobs or Mercedes-Benz). When on your page, if all visitors see are the conversations occurring on your wall, you may lose that connection. A landing page will brand your business and increase the likelihood of them “LIKING” your page.

7) Explain the Benefits

A custom Facebook landing page explains the benefits of liking your business page. Although liking a page isn’t a big commitment, just a click will do it, Facebook users get overwhelmed with all the pages and the likes they are expected to click on. A landing page can explain why someone should like your page and what benefits they may receive: discounts, daily tips, ability to engage with a brand or company they like.

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