Mavina’s Set – How to Achieve the Maximum Breakpoint for Increased Attack Speed (Part 3) Stop 2022

Mavina’s Set – How to Achieve the Maximum Breakpoint for Increased Attack Speed (Part 3)

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M’avina’s Caster (Set Grand Matron Bow) (For Amazons Only)

2H Damage: 40-207

Minimum Strength: 108

Minimum Dexterity: 152

Level Requirement: 70

+188% Enhanced Damage

40% Increased Attack Speed

+50 to Attack Rating

Fires Magic Arrows (Level 1)

Adds 114-377 Magic Damage (2 Items)

10% Chance to Cast Level 15 Nova on Striking (3 Items)

+2 to Bow and Crossbow Skills (Amazon Only) (4 Items)

Analysis: This is the one item in the entire Set that only an Amazon can equip. M’avina’s Caster is one of the few ranged weapons that do any significant Magic Damage (of which only one monster in the entire game is immune to).  A 40% IAS on the bow is nice, and add that to the IAS from the helm and you get 70% IAS from M’avina’s Set. To achieve the maximum breakpoint, she would then only require about 50% of IAS from somewhere else (Shael runes in the bow, IAS Jewels in the helm and body armor, etc).  The bow itself does decent damage, although it may lack the necessary firepower in Hell Difficulty. However, thought it is merely icing on the cake, the Level 15 Nova trigger mod is very fun to watch on screen when it triggers.

Set Bonuses:

Partial Set Bonuses

+20 to Strength (2 Items)

+30 to Dexterity (3 Items)

Full Set Bonuses

+3 to Amazon Skill Levels

+20 to Strength

+30 to Dexterity

All Resistances +50

+100 Defense

+100 to Attack Rating

100% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

Display Aura

Final Summary for M’avina’s Battle Hymn:

The individual items in this Set are sub-par, and it calls for an all or nothing approach when determining whether to make use of M’avina’s Battle Hymn. As such, the Set is only truly useful for a Bowazon. It has fantastic Green Set Bonuses from the individual items, as well as very nice Partial and Full Set Bonuses: An Amazon wearing a full Set gets +100 To All Resistances, 70% IAS, +3 To Amazon Skill Levels, lots of Cold Damage, and even a 100% boost in Magic Find!

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