YouTube Marketing Strategies – Use These Strategies to Dominate the Competition Today 2022

YouTube Marketing Strategies – Use These Strategies to Dominate the Competition

Today 2022

If you have a home-based business, such as YourNetBiz, Primo Vacations or Carbon Copy Pro or any other similar opportunity then YouTube will benefit you and your business greatly if you use it in a proactive way.

People/Prospects generally join programmes with a sponsor that they know, like and trust, and other than meeting someone face to face there is no better way, to let someone into your world and see what you are like, than the power of video.

To really achieve successful lead generation and traffic via YouTube, there is a little more to it than just sticking a video on there and hoping people find it. So below you will find my personal free tips that all network marketers should be using


Make sure the videos are useful and informative, you need to give your viewer a reason to keep watching so they benefit from the full message that you are trying to get across. Also I tend to suggest try not to go over 5minutes, people tend not to have the attention span for any longer and may switch off, of course if the content of your video is very high quality info that people will be very interested in then of course you can go over that, but don’t forget you can make plenty more videos, maybe you could split your video into a part one and part two. Make sure that before you record your video, you know exactly the message that you are trying to get across to people, if you’re all bumbling and forgetting what you are talking about then people will lose faith in what you are saying.

Title, description and tags.

This may sound very obvious but even some of the top marketers don’t pay attention to this one, you really want to give a keyword rich title so that it will be picked up well in the searches, (don’t forget YouTube videos get listed in Google organic results too) generally if it has any mention of money, success, work from home or home-based business you’re probably onto a winner, but on the other end of the spectrum, don’t overload it just for the sake of it, as it will probably look stupid.

In your description it is vital that the first thing you enter in that box is your website address that you want people to go to for more information on your product, this is one thing that so many people forget to do. When you view a video the description is always on the top right of your page, as you will notice the description is usually minimised so the only thing you can read is the first line, this is why it is vital that your website address is the first thing any viewer can see. Note: Don’t forget to make it a clickable link i.e. http:// so that they can click straight on it, as opposed to having to copy and paste it. Now the rest of the description is where you can really play around, obviously give a little info on what the video is regarding, but after that you can put as many keywords as you like that have slight relevance to your video. For example if your video was about the MLM industry you could literally add all the top MLM company names into your description, regardless of whether you specifically mentioned them in the video, therefore even if you were talking about Amway in your video, people searching Kleeneze would find your video in the search too, due you mentioning it within the description. The tags are pretty much the same too, however just put the most relevant keywords in that section.

Video quality

This may also seem simple, but it is really important that you do all you can to ensure that the quality of your video recording is good, if there is bad quality sound or the camera is jittering all over the place then people WILL switch off. Believe me; I have watched enough videos to tell you that one of the most annoying things that make’s me switch off is a bad quality video. Not only is it annoying but it looks unprofessional too, which is obviously not the message that you are trying to get across to people.

Captivate the audience

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, try and make your video different to everyone else’s, use your imagination here. Whether it is through humour or telling someone something that they don’t already know or surprises them, try and think out of the box, as it will really capture their attention and you may stick in their mind. I have seen some great videos during my time on YouTube and there 3 or 4 that really stick out in my mind because they were really different and imaginative, and that is what you are aiming for.

I really hope that I have managed to share with you something that you didn’t already know, I find anymore than 1000 words is too much to absorb so check back soon for a some more tips on YouTube marketing that I will be writing soon.

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