Sending Free Text Messages Online Stop 2022

Sending Free Text Messages Online

Still 2022

Using the Internet to send SMS or text messages are becoming rampant. Since more and more people are using the net, the convenience of sending free text messages are now widely used, along with voice calls and web cams. Many websites offer free text messaging services as part of promoting their products for trade. It is an effective marketing strategy that lures online users to their website to browse their advertisements.

Here are the reliable sites you can use in sending free SMS or text messages to other people’s mobiles:

Google send to Phone
Google is one of the most prominent names in the internet. It is basically a search engine, and then later on expanded to giving free web email services. Now it also features free text messaging. Their texting program is very simple, reliable, and easy to use. But you still need to install an extension meant for Firefox and IE in order to directly send messages from your own browser.

The user fills in appropriately the blanks provided in the page. You input the ten digit number of the recipient, the carrier name (there will be a given selection) and your message and subject title. Placing a subject is optional. You can also choose to save the information after sending by ticking the appropriate box.
This site is very easy to use just like Google. You only need to key-in the 10-digit number, your e-mail address (but this is optional), select a provider and write down your text message before you hit the “send” button. You could also opt to block certain numbers such that you will not be bothered with any of their messages if you wish.

The site is very friendly to beginners. It has guides and text helps to assist those having a hard time navigating the page. If you do not know the wireless provider of the person you are sending a message to, you can look for the provider via the mobile phone number. The other great thing, as mentioned earlier, is that you can easily block the number of people who are spamming you.

SMS Everywhere
SMS Everywhere is probably the simplest to use among all the online free text messaging services providers. You will only fill out the box for the number and the box for your message and hit the “send” button. As compared to the other two, you do not need to know or verify the provider. The system will do it for you. It sits very well with the non technical persons.

Yahoo Messenger’s Send an SMS
Yahoo is the biggest competitor of Google. It is dedicated to giving ultimate satisfaction to online users with their many services online. They have a search engine, web based email, instant messaging for real time chat, online news, games and so much more.

Yahoo takes it a notch higher by offering free text messaging also. And it does it with style. It integrates this service to emails and chats also. You can send text messages to any of your contacts in yahoo messenger if their phone numbers are listed. Also, if you are offline in chat, you could log in to your mobile, such that when an online user sends you a message, it will be sent to your mobile inbox.

And like the rest of the free text messaging services, yahoo’s text program is also user-friendly.

As compared to other sites, this site does not possess any clear advantage with the various other services. It also needs more steps, such as the provider, e-mail address, carrier, message and security code, respectively. Although it is a bit time consuming, it actually works.

Hence, most of the sites noted here only works in the US. This means, you can only send messages to US mobiles. Sending the text message is actually free. However, depending on the plan, your receiver may be charged for the messages he or she will receive.

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