What’s the World’s Largest Candle? Discover 2022

What’s the World’s Largest Candle?

Still 2022

How many people have asked themselves this question: what is the world’s biggest candle? Not many, but undeterred I shall press on regardless. It is a mission that will take use from one side of the world to the other, meeting all sorts of people ranging from the eccentric, to the mildly deranged.

The search begins, predictably enough, in America. Everything has to be bigger and better here and that is the motto of the people from Warm Glow Candle Outlet. Set in the leafy surroundings of Centreville, Indiana, this has become famous locally as one of those places to go if you’re looking for something a bit offbeat to take up your day – that, of course, and candles – naturally enough. Their products are, they tell the world proudly, bigger and larger than life and if you browse their attractive looking shop you’re forced to agree.

The come in all shapes and sizes here, but the star of the show – the main attraction if you will – has to be what it proclaims as ‘The World’s Biggest Candle’. It actually makes up part of their outlet store and brings visitors in from literally several miles away!

However, there are other claimants to the crown and for the next one we jump into our tardis and head to Stockholm and the year 1897. At the Stockholm Exhibition what has been described as the largest candle on record went on display. It is said to have been an eye watering eighty feet high and measured eight and a half feet in diametre.

Other sources though give the title to the ancient firm Ajello Candles. In 1921 it created the spectacular Enrico Caruso Memorial Candle. It measured five feet in circumference at the top tapering to 18inches further up. Overall it stood 18 feet and once burning its creators claimed it would continue for 1800 years, burning for one day each year on the anniversary of Enrico Caruso’s death.

In 2005 Jerusalem decided to set about building the world’s largest Hannukha candle. It reached eight and a half metres in height and was 85cm wide and came in a variety of colours. It stood in the Pisga mall in the city and wowed visitors. However, we have to disqualify it here on the basis that it was comprised of several other sets of candles. Collective efforts cannot be allowed.

These are just some of the contenders for world’s largest candle. Others may surface and perhaps we may revisit this marvelous subject at some time in the future so, if nothing else, you have been warned.

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