How To Send Traffic To Your Website 1 – Free Methods Stop 2022

How To Send Traffic To Your Website 1 – Free Methods

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3.1 Why Free Traffic

3.2 The Correct Ways to Use It

3.3 Free Traffic Methods

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Article Directories
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn
  • Guest Blogging and Vice Versa
  • Go Mobile
  • Peep on your competition

3.4 Break Time





After setting up your product whichever way you want as discussed in chapter 12, your salesletter and maybe a couple of email swipes for your personal and affiliates’ uses, what is the next thing to do in your bid to enjoy the profits from your business, the profits that you have been working for for umpteenth number of hours now.

Your guess is as good as mine:

Traffic! Traffic! Traffic!


– to discuss free ways to get traffic to your website.

– to discuss reason why a beginner with a bootstrap budget should start his business with free traffic.

– to introduce more online resources that will help the beginner to use free traffic correctly to get the expected results.


I have already noted in previous chapters the importance of traffic to your online business. And that there are two kinds of traffic that you can bring to your websites to keep your business thriving and profitable.

They are: free traffic and paid traffic.

Both kinds are needed for your business to survive in the short-run and in the long-run.

3.1 Why Free Traffic

But in the short run, you should go for free traffic, particularly if your business has a bootstrap budget or you are just experimenting to see if and how thing will work out before investing massively on your vision. Free traffic is actually the shortcut to success in every startup online business and you should never ignore this.

In this chapter I am going to examine the various types of free traffic options that are open to you as a beginner. But let me also add here bypassing that even top flight and experienced internet marketers sometimes resort to these free methods in order to increase their profit index, so do not take these methods for granted, because they are so powerful.

As internet businessman, it will not take long before you realize that all marketers, online and offline, are chanting one song and one chorus: my product – buy, buy, buy.

There seems to be one consensus among internet marketers – to look down on free online tools, which actually are in abundance as far as this business is concern. But you are a man and not a boy, so you should know better.

Thus if you hold them in suspect for their snobbish attitude towards these free online tools – you are entitled to your own opinion, true or false?

That being said, the truth that is worth repetition here, if only but once, is that free online tools are all over the place, they are there for the little guy like you who is struggling to kickstart his new business and his newfound vision. As he masters the art, he can choose which of the tools to upgrade or downgrade.

3.2 The Correct Ways to Use It

Shsssssssh… do not say to anybody that I divulge this highly guarded secret of the GURUS to you: some of them are still using these free tools and methods in their own businesses till tomorrow, because it is highly efficient just as the paid ones – only if you know the correct ways to use them.

Now, show me a man with the usual grey matter who will be given free tools and shown how to use it correctly to make profits in his business but he dumps them for the paid ones?



3.3 Free Traffic Methods

Now let us go on to explore the free sources of traffic that you can use skillfully to make profits in your business from the onset of your business.

There are actually innumerable number of free resources that you can use to bring countless number of eyeballs easily to see your product on your site, but I will only examine the common ones here. Some of them you may already be acquainted with, but I will only add the profit angle to the social angle that you know them for.

They are:

  • Facebook

I know most people reading this now have an account at Facebook. If not go there now and sign up. It only take your email and password: then start posting and then make friends. BUT DO NOT SPAM.

Only aim at increasing your social interactions and later skillfully get them across to see your product or services. When they are familiar with you, business comes across quite easily.

  • YouTube

This is second most popular search engine after Facebook, so any serious online businessperson by now should be using it to promote is business. Open a channel and post short 2 – 5 minutes videos that has a link to your product, affiliate products or your website.

At the end of your video make sure you have a strong call to action, add free gift to encourage them to go and sign up for your gift. The topic of your video must include a well-researched keyword.

  • Articles Directories

Type into your browser: article directories, it will return multiple directories for you to choose from. The most popular among them are EzineArticles, GoArticles, among others. Just sign up and post your articles with your links (2 only) and your resource box and traffic will visit your sites and offers in droves.

  • Twitter

Marketing at Twitter can be very rewarding. Their account like other social media is free, you only need your email which you already have and a password. Then make friends, create group and become an authority in a certain marketing niche. Share some relevant, newsworthy and usual links and curated contents in your area of authority. Join discussions and send hash tags of influencers (popular people) to your friends and you will soon land a sale. But make sure you don’t SPAM.

  • Instagram

This is a photo/video centric social media and learning to use it can take your business to the next level. Many business people are jet to deploy this powerful business tool and only this fact can be a game changer for your business in a environment that has over 400 million users.

Please check out (online) this brief guide: Instagram for Business – Everything You Need to Know – Shannon Gausepohi

  • Snapchat

This work just like your normal email. You start by building your audience, friends, and then use snapchat to relate with them as well as marketing as you go along. Also Google for Snapchat for Entrepreneurs.

  • LinkedIn

Though a social network, it allows you to promote your business freely. The secret of success is to optimize your page and link it to your blog if you have any. Post regularly and also follow other popular and influential bloggers.

Use hootsuite to link your blog to LinkedIn so that your blog posts can be published automatically. Only few people using LinkedIn know how to make it run their business promotions since it was initially used for finding new jobs. This means if you know how to use the site to skillfully market your business, you will have more hits and sales than using Facebook and YouTube.

  • Guest Blogging and Vice-Versa

Another free traffic secret is to be a quest blogger at another person’s blog while also allowing other experts to be your guest blogger.

But keep in mind for this strategy to be successful in bringing traffic to your website, you must blog at a sites that are relevant to your market niche.

Jayson Demers’ article can be very useful in the process of implementing this strategy in your business: ‘The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide To Building Your Business By Guest Blogging’ Google for it online now.

  • Go Mobile

Endeavour to optimize your web page for mobile phone as about one quarter of mobile phones are smart phones by the time I am writing this chapter, and will be higher by the time you are reading it.

If the web page you store your product is mobile friendly you will enjoy copious traffic from mobile phone users. Experts can help you to do this for pennies at Fiverr.

  • Peep on Your Competition

Neither be afraid nor forget about your competition. In online business competition can be very useful means of finding out where the money are. See what they do and go where they go and come back with wisdom that will enable you to run your business profitably.

This piece of software: buzzsumo, can help you to do that with precision.

See what it can do for you below, search term: big data. You can replace that with your search terms and search.

These are not meant to be exhaustive sources of getting free traffic to see and buy your product from your website, but even only you can put these few to correct uses, you will make more than abundant profit in your business to start with as you go on to consider other free sources.

To be frank, it is not a matter of which sources of free traffic that you are using to sell your product, it is the level of proficiency demonstrated in using these resources. Just pick one after the other and get a video on how to set up and sell in those sites and it will not take long before you realize how powerful a business tool each of them is.

3.4 Break Time…

My Undergraduate Project

In fact, it is for this reason that I postulated in my undergraduate project that no member of Homo sapiens sapiens specie of the 21st century should have anything to do with unemployment and poverty.


Because they are all surrounded with assorted and extremely wonderful personal computers never witnessed before in the entire human history – from high-end phones, iPhones, and iPads to iOffices in iCars, iTrains, iPrivate Jets and back to iHomes.

Can you beat that?

They only need to figure out how to creatively use these jumbo personal computers that luckily became their portion, in a business sense and not just for liability-prone liability-laden (by Rich Dad Poor Dad definition and not the Accounting or Economic sense) socializations.

Now you can go ahead and use them to eradicate your unemployment, underemployment and poverty now.

You can even make yourself unemployable if you like that!

Break Time Over.


Free traffic sources is one of the best option to use and test-run your new online business. They can still convert if skillfully employed. Therefore listen to the Masters and apply the recommendations in those resources introduced here.


It is only when your business is getting profitable and you are also conversant with the whole picture that you may want to scale up your business.

This is talking about your next level in your strategic business plan.


Otherwise, pick a paid online tools with a detached emotion. They may not necessarily be the better option that you envisaged.


Sign up on Facebook (if you do not have any account by now.) Learn how to post on your home page.

Go on and do the same on other resources listed in this chapter. One after the other, also use the links here, to learn more about how to use them for your online business.

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